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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 2 - An Astronomy Event You Saw

Updated: May 6

Describe an astronomy event you saw

You should say:

  • What the event was

  • When and where you saw it

  • Who you were with

And explain how you felt about this event


One of the most unforgettable astronomical events I have seen in my life is a solar eclipse . If my memory doesn't betray me , I was playing alone in the front yard when it happened. Both my parents were at work, so I could only stay home with my grandma on that day.

It was a bright and sunny morning, but all of a sudden  everything was left in pitch-darkness  as if it were already very late in the evening. At first, that really freaked me out  as I had no clue as to what was happening exactly. But later on, my granny explained that we were experiencing a solar eclipse, an occasion when the moon passes between the earth and the sun so that all or part of the sun can't be seen for a while. I’m a little bit hazy  about what actually happened and whether it was a total or partial eclipse . Having said that , I still recalled  that we didn’t have any special glasses to view the eclipse, so we used a bowl of water to look at it, simply because we had heard that looking at it with the naked eye  could badly affect our sight.

I was over the moon  to see the day turn to night in the blink of an eye  as this phenomenon rarely happens in our lives. In addition, I felt incredibly lucky to have experienced such a rare and beautiful event with my gran. This astronomical event has made me realize how wonderful and mysterious our world is. More importantly, it's not just about seeing the eclipse but also about spending time with my grandma and learning new things now that she's already passed away .



  • solar eclipse (phrase) = nhật thực 

  • if my memory doesn't betray me (phrase) = nếu tôi nhớ không nhầm thì…

  • all of a sudden (idiom) = đột nhiên, bất thình lình 

  • pitch-darkness (n) = một màu tối đen như mực

  • freak sb out (phrasal verb) = khiến ai đó lo lắng, sợ hãi 

  • hazy (adj) = bối rối, mơ hồ 

  • total / partial eclipse (phrase) = nhật thực toàn phần / bán phần 

  • having said that (idiom) = mặc dù vậy

  • recall (v) = nhớ lại 

  • with the naked eye (idiom) = bằng mắt thường 

  • be over the moon (idiom) = vui mừng, sung sướng 

  • in the blink of an eye (idiom) = trong chớp mắt

  • pass away (phrasal verb) = qua đời 


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