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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 1 - Perfume

Updated: Jun 14

1. Do you use perfume? 

Yes, I do wear perfume  quite often, especially when I’m going to a special event or when I want a confidence boost. It's a really nice way to feel fresh and put-together .

2. What kind of perfume do you like? 

Hmm, I think I’m attracted to lighter and more subtle  scents like lavender or jasmine because they give me a calming feel and complement my natural scent really well.

3. What does perfume mean to you? 

For me, the right fragrance is like a powerful mood booster that can elevate my confidence  and make me feel more  presentable . It can also be a great way to express my personality.

4. Do you give perfume as a gift?

Well, you know, because perfume is something very personal, I tend not to give it as a present unless I’m fully aware of  the recipient’s taste or hobby.



  • wear perfume (phrase) = sử dụng nước hoa

  • put-together (adj) = chỉn chu

  • subtle (adj) = (về mùi hương) nhẹ nhàng, dễ chịu

  • scent / fragrance (n) = mùi hương

  • complement sth (phrase) = làm tôn lên điều gì đó

  • elevate one’s confidence (phrase) = làm tăng sự tự tin của ai đó

  • presentable (adj) = (về ngoại hình) gọn gàng, ngăn nắp

  • be fully aware of sth (phrase) = hiểu rõ điều gì đó


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