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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 3 - Humour And Laughter

1. Do you think a good sense of humor is important in life?

Absolutely! Humor helps us laugh off stress , connect with others through funny moments, or even maintain a positive outlook on life  during  hardship . It may not always click with  everyone, of course, but to me, being able to express humor and laughter, even at myself, is a real asset .

2. Can humor be useful in learning another language?

To be honest, although a good sense of humor can help us in many situations, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I don’t think those reasonably include language learning. What I mean is many non-native jokes rely heavily on cultural references and wordplay , which might be a bit difficult for beginners to understand.

3. How do you think laughter can be used in a negative way?

Well, I think there are various cases when laughter can absolutely go wrong. For instance, if someone's making fun of  another person in a spiteful way , that laughter would definitely be hurtful, you know. Or maybe someone's trying to bring up a real issue and it's just met with jokes . That can shut down the conversation and prevent any problem from getting resolved.

4. Do you think that the less people laugh the older they get?

I think this matter depends much on the individual and their own circumstances. I mean, while life often becomes more stressful as one gets older, with work, family, and health concerns, many can still find joy in different ways. They might laugh with friends when reflecting on their own life  or when watching comedy shows and movies. So, I don't think getting older necessarily means laughing less. It’s more about finding the right moments and reasons to do so.



  • laugh off sth (phrasal verb) = cười trừ, cười cho qua chuyện gì đó

  • maintain a positive outlook on life (phrase) = giữ cái nhìn tích cực về cuộc sống

  • hardship (n) = sự khó khăn, gian khổ 

  • click with sb (phrasal verb) = hợp ý ai đó 

  • asset (n) = (nghĩa bóng) tài sản quý giá 

  • cultural references and wordplay (phrase) = những yếu tố văn hóa và chơi chữ 

  • make fun of sb / sth (phrase) = chế giễu ai đó / cái gì đó 

  • in a spiteful way (phrase) = một cách độc địa, ác ý 

  • be met with sth (phrasal verb) = đối mặt với một phản ứng hoặc kết quả cụ thể nào đó 

  • reflect on sth (phrase) = hồi tưởng, chiêm nghiệm về điều gì đó 


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