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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 2 - A Mountainous Area That You Enjoyed Visiting

Describe a mountainous area that you enjoyed visiting

You should say:

  • Where it is

  • When you visited this area

  • What you did in this area

And explain why you enjoyed visiting this area


I’d like to talk about a beautiful mountainous area that I got to explore during my summer vacation last year. The area is in the highlands  of my country, Vietnam, which is filled with rolling hills  and tall peaks  to provide an ideal escape from the bustling city life .

During my visit, I did a lot of fun and exciting activities. On the first day, I hiked  along some scenic trails  that went through thick forests and led to breathtaking viewpoints . Every turn had something new to offer, such as clear streams and colorful wildflowers. I also tried mountain biking , which was a thrilling experience, especially since the paths ranged from easy to really challenging. One of the best parts of the trip was camping overnight on a flat area high up in the mountains. The night sky was so clear and full of stars, a sight you never get to see in the city.

For me, what made this trip so enjoyable was the deep sense of peace and connection with nature. You know, breathing in the fresh mountain air, listening to the birds, or just admiring the tranquil beauty  around me was extremely refreshing . I also met other travelers and locals who shared their stories and experiences, making the trip even more memorable.

Looking back, although my vacation to this beautiful area only lasted for a few days, the memories that it left still remain imprinted on my mind  up to now.  I’d definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to escape their daily grind  and immerse themselves in nature .



  • highlands (n) = vùng cao nguyên 

  • rolling hills (phrase) = những ngọn đồi thoai thoải 

  • tall peaks (phrase) = những ngọn núi cao vút 

  • an ideal escape from the bustling city life (phrase) = nơi ẩn náu lý tưởng khỏi cuộc sống thành thị xô bồ

  • hike (v) = đi bộ đường dài 

  • scenic trails (phrase) = những con đường mòn tuyệt đẹp

  • breathtaking viewpoints (phrase) = những điểm ngắm cảnh ngoạn mục 

  • mountain biking (phrase) = xe đạp địa hình 

  • tranquil beauty (phrase) = vẻ đẹp tĩnh lặng 

  • refreshing (adj) = thư thái, thanh thản 

  • remain imprinted on one’s mind (phrase) = in đậm trong tâm trí của ai đó

  • daily grind (phrase) = guồng quay công việc thường nhật

  • immerse oneself in sth (phrase) = đắm mình vào điều gì đó


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