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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 2 - A Person Who Has The Ability To Buy Things At Cheaper Prices

Updated: May 17

Describe a person who has the ability to buy things at lower prices

You should say:

  • Who the person is

  • What kinds of things he / she often buys

  • How he / she can buy things at lower prices

And explain how you feel about him / her


Well, when it comes to someone who has a knack for  discovering great bargains , my sister always comes to mind . More often than not , she’s able to find amazing deals for anything from her shopping list, whether it’s electronics, clothes, or especially furniture, one of her favorites. I still remember the time when my sister showed me her newly decorated living room. Every item in it looked gorgeous  and high-end , but what truly impressed me was how she’d managed to get all of those things from just flea markets  and vintage stores !

I think what makes my sister so exceptional  at finding good bargains is her patience and determination. She's never in a rush to make a purchase, and she's willing to put in the time to hunt down exactly what she wants at the right price. More importantly, she's never shy about negotiating , especially at flea markets or smaller shops. Just a polite inquiry for a better deal might end up with  surprising results, you know.

To be honest, I really admire my sister’s purchasing skills. For her, snagging a good deal isn’t just about saving money; it’s also the feeling of excitement whenever she gets an appealing discount or voucher. I guess I’ll have to learn a lot from my sister to become a smarter and more economical buyer in the future. 



  • have a knack for sth (phrase) = có tài cán gì đó 

  • bargain (n) = món hời 

  • spring / come to mind (idiom) = hiện lên trong đầu 

  • more often than not (idiom) = thông thường thì…

  • gorgeous (adj) = lộng lẫy, sang trọng

  • high-end (adj) = cao cấp, đắt đỏ 

  • flea market (phrase) = chợ trời

  • vintage store (phrase) = cửa hàng đồ cổ

  • exceptional (adj) = đặc biệt 

  • negotiate (v) = thương lượng, đàm phán 

  • end up with sth (phrasal verb) = mang lại một kết quả nào đó 

  • snag a good deal (phrase) = săn được một món hời 

  • a smarter and more economical buyer (phrase) = một người mua hàng thông minh và tiết kiệm hơn 


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