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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 1 - Dreams

Updated: Apr 26

1. Do you remember your dream when you wake up?

Well, I don't tend to remember my dreams most of the time. They usually fade away  pretty quickly after I wake up.  However, if the dream is particularly vivid , either very exciting or a bit scary, then it might stick with me for a while.

2. Do you like hearing others’ dreams?

It depends on the dream, honestly. I mean, some people just go on and on about  the most mundane  stuff, like picking out groceries in their sleep. But every now and then , someone will tell me about a crazy adventure or a super weird encounter in their dream, which can be pretty cool to listen to.

3. Do you share your dreams with others?

Not really because most of the time, I can't even recall  my own dreams, you know.  But if I do have a particularly interesting dream, like one that felt really emotional or strange, then maybe I'd tell someone close to me, like a friend or family member. They usually get a kick out of it .

4. Do you think dreams have special meanings?

Absolutely! You know, in many cultures, dreams are seen as a way for our subconscious  to communicate with us. They might reflect our hopes, fears, or even hidden desires. Of course, not every dream is symbolic , but some can be quite vivid and be a clue that they hold a deeper meaning.



  • fade away (phrasal verb) = mờ dần 

  • vivid (adj) = sinh động 

  • go on and on about sth (phrase) = nói đi nói lại chuyện gì đó 

  • mundane (adj) = nhàm chán 

  • every now and then (idiom) = thỉnh thoảng 

  • recall (v) = nhớ lại 

  • get a kick out of sth (idiom) = tận hưởng, thích thú điều gì đó

  • subconscious (n) = tiềm thức 

  • symbolic (adj) = chứa đựng nhiều ý nghĩa 


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