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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Older Workers (Agree or Disagree Question)

Updated: Mar 30

Some people believe that it is a good idea that old people continue to work if it is possible for them to do so. 

Do you agree or disagree? (09/03/2024)


The question of whether the elderly should continue working has been a subject of debate for several years. While some argue for the benefits of extending seniors' tenure  in the workforce, I am among those who are against this proposition due to its potentially negative impacts on the younger labor and older employees themselves.

On the one hand, encouraging older individuals to keep working can have significant economic benefits by helping governments in some countries reduce the burden on their pension systems , thus ensuring the long-term capacity of these. For example, initiatives such as the Silver Human Resource Center in Japan have been implemented  to encourage elderly individuals to rejoin the workforce, easing pressure on  the pension system and contributing to economic stability. Furthermore, older workers often possess valuable skills, knowledge, and experience that can benefit employers and contribute to workplace productivity. Contrary to stereotypes  about declining cognitive abilities with age , many studies have actually found that older employees often outperform their younger counterparts in tasks requiring complex decision-making and emotional intelligence.

However, despite these potential economic and workplace benefits, I believe that continued employment for the elderly should not be encouraged. Firstly, prolonging the working life of seniors  may inadvertently  hinder upward mobility and career progression for younger generations. This issue is evident in many industries, such as business or healthcare, where older workers often occupy positions that could otherwise be filled by capable younger individuals entering the workforce or seeking advancement opportunities. Secondly, encouraging older individuals to continue their job may overlook the importance of  retirement as a period for personal fulfillment and well-being. In other words, after years of dedication to their careers, older workers deserve the opportunity to enjoy leisure activities, pursue hobbies, and spend time with loved ones without any further pressure of employment.

In conclusion, although extending the working life of senior individuals could bring certain economic and professional benefits, I believe that such an idea would be inadvisable  considering its adverse effects on the job prospects of younger labor as well as the elderly’s quality of life.



  • tenure (n) = nhiệm kỳ 

  • pension system (phrase) = hệ thống lương hưu 

  • implement (v) = thi hành, áp dụng 

  • reduce the burden on sth / ease pressure on sth (phrase) = giảm tải gánh nặng, áp lực lên cái gì đó 

  • stereotype (n) = định kiến 

  • declining cognitive abilities with age (phrase) = khả năng nhận thức suy giảm theo tuổi tác 

  • outperform their younger counterparts (phrase) = làm tốt hơn những người đồng nghiệp trẻ của họ

  • prolong the working life of seniors (phrase) = kéo dài tuổi thọ làm việc của người cao tuổi 

  • inadvertently (adv) = vô tình 

  • upward mobility (phrase) = (về địa vị xã hội hoặc địa vị kinh tế) dịch chuyển theo hướng đi lên 

  • overlook the importance of sth (phrase) = xem nhẹ tầm quan trọng của cái gì đó 

  • inadvisable (adj) = không nên được khuyến khích 



Body 1: The potential benefits of encouraging old people to continue working 

  • Encouraging older people to keep working can help countries save money on pensions and ensure they can support retired workers in the long run (e.g. programs like the Silver Human Resource Center in Japan)

  • Older workers often have valuable skills and experience (e.g. problem-solving and emotional intelligence) that can benefit companies 

Body 2: The potential drawbacks of encouraging old people to continue working + my personal opinion: Disagree

  • Encouraging older people to keep working could prevent younger people from moving up in their careers, especially in fields like business and healthcare

  • It might also ignore the fact that retirement is an important time for older people to have the chance to relax, enjoy hobbies, and spend time with family without worrying about work


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