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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Live vs. TV Enjoyment (Agree or Disagree Question)

Updated: May 9

Watching a live performance such as a play, concert, or sporting event is more enjoyable than watching the same event on television. 

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? (06/04/2024)


In the contemporary age of technological advancements, some might argue that watching live performances offers superior enjoyment to  televised events. I totally agree with this perspective considering the high level of interactivity and audience engagement at live events.

On the one hand, the experience of viewing a performance on television does come with its own advantages that can augment the viewer’s enjoyment . One of them lies in  the convenience and comfort of home viewing, which eliminates the need for travel and aligns with personal schedules  to offer a more accessible option. Furthermore, television broadcasts usually employ sophisticated production methods, such as varied camera perspectives , close-up shots , and special effects, to create  visually compelling experiences . During televised sports matches, for example, viewers are treated to instant replays and comprehensive commentary, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the sport’s complexities.

However, despite these benefits of watching televised events, I contend that attending a live performance typically offers a higher level of enjoyment for audiences. For one thing, the physical presence at the venue could enable attendees to immerse themselves in  the environment, absorbing the collective energy of the crowd and performers alike. For instance, the experience of a live concert is often characterized by  the vibrant beats and the crowd’s enthusiastic response, fostering a lively atmosphere that is difficult to emulate  via television. Live events also tend to feature spontaneous and unforeseen moments , such as improvised performances  or direct audience interaction, adding an element of excitement and novelty  to the occasion.

In summary, while television broadcasts can offer ease and a visually enriched experience, I completely agree with the greater enjoyment for watching live performances as they provide an immediate connection and a strong sense of community.



  • offer superior enjoyment to sth (phrase) = mang lại cảm giác thích thú hơn so với cái gì đó 

  • augment the viewer’s enjoyment (phrase) = nâng cao trải nghiệm người xem 

  • lie in sth (phrasal verb) = nằm ở điều gì đó 

  • align with personal schedules (phrase) = phù hợp với lịch trình cá nhân 

  • employ (v) = sử dụng, áp dụng

  • varied camera perspectives (phrase) = những góc quay đa dạng 

  • close-up shots (phrase) = những góc quay cận cảnh 

  • visually compelling experiences (phrase) = những trải nghiệm hấp dẫn về mặt hình ảnh 

  • immerse oneself in sth (phrase) = hòa mình vào điều gì đó 

  • be characterized by sth (phrase) = được đặc trưng bởi điều gì đó 

  • emulate (v) = mô phỏng, sao chép 

  • spontaneous and unforeseen moments (phrase) = những khoảnh khắc ngẫu hứng và bất ngờ 

  • improvised performance (phrase) = màn trình diễn ngẫu hứng 

  • an element of excitement and novelty (phrase) = yếu tố hào hứng và mới lạ



Body 1: The advantages of watching television performances for greater enjoyment

  • People can enjoy TV shows from the comfort of their home during free time, without the need for travel

  • TV shows often use special camera angles and effects to make things visually exciting, such as those in sports matches

Body 2: The advantages of watching live performances for greater enjoyment + my personal opinion: Agree 

  • Watching live events allows people to feel the energy of the crowd and performers → a more lively atmosphere than TV

  • Live events often have unexpected moments, such as improvised performances or direct audience interaction → more exciting and unique experiences


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