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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 3 - Relaxation

1. Do people have enough places to relax in your country?

I'd say it depends on where you live and what you consider as relaxing. In vibrant cities like Ho Chi Minh city, there are tons of options like public parks, cafes, museums and rooftop bars viewing the Landmark 81 skyline. But in rural areas, the number of places to choose from might be a bit more limited. Luckily, the fresh air of nature is always a great choice because the level of air pollution is low, compared to that of the urban areas.

2. What do people usually do when they are relaxed?

I think it varies among people. So, when I'm riding a bicycle in the park, I see a lot of middle-aged residents walking, doing yoga, enjoying picnics, or just socializing with friends and family. Some people prefer active ways to unwind , like going to the gym, doing push-ups, or doing dance challenges in public. And of course, many also enjoy movie nights at home or binge-watching TV shows.

3. Is physical activity good for relaxation?

Absolutely! For me, physical activity is a great way to let off some steam . Working out releases endorphins that refresh my mind and leave me feeling energized and ready to  tackle whatever comes next. Even a brisk  walk can make a big difference. Some people even find gardening or housework surprisingly relaxing when they focus on the physical movement.

4. Do you think that spending time in front of a screen helps people relax?

Well, it's kind of a  double-edged sword , in my opinion. I mean watching a funny movie or catching up with loved ones online can definitely be relaxing. But being glued to  screens all the time can be overwhelming  and even  counterproductive because the constant notifications and blue light can be quite stressful. That's why I believe it's important to strike a balance between staying online and offline.

5. Do people nowadays have more ways to relax than in the past?

I would say we have more options and resources for relaxation now than ever before. For example, the current technology offers us many choices such as online fitness classes, meditation apps, and virtual tours of amazing places. However, our fast-paced world and constant connectivity can also make it harder to fully switch off and relax. So, I think it's up to us to be mindful and actively choose activities that truly help us disconnect and recharge our batteries .



  • vibrant (adj) = năng động

  • socialize (with sb) (v) = giao lưu (với ai đó)

  • unwind (v) / let off steam (idiom) = nghỉ xả hơi, thư giãn

  • tackle (v) = đối phó, giải quyết

  • brisk (adj) = nhanh

  • double-edged sword (phrase) = con dao hai lưỡi 

  • be glued to sth (phrase) = dán mắt vào cái gì đó

  • overwhelming (adj) = quá tải

  • counterproductive (adj) = phản tác dụng

  • fast-paced (adj) = vội vã

  • recharge one’s batteries (phrase) = nạp lại năng lượng


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