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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 2 - A Uniform That You Wear (At School Or At Work)

Updated: Apr 10

Describe a uniform that you wear (at school or at work)

You should say:

  • Where you wear the uniform

  • How long you need to wear it

  • What it looks like

  • Who bought it for you

And explain how you feel about it


I'd like to tell you about a uniform that I regularly wear at the retail store where I've been working for a good couple of years now.

So, basically, I wear this uniform throughout my entire shift, which can often be eight hours a day. The uniform itself is quite standard: a navy blue polo shirt featuring the store's logo upfront, paired with black trousers or skirts, and comfy black shoes. Oh, and we also get these black aprons  to keep our clothes tidy during work hours.

The uniform was actually provided by the company as part of its standard policy. Initially, each employee is equipped with two sets, and replacements are readily supplied if anything gets worn out  or damaged.

Now, regarding the uniform itself, I’d say it's a bit of a double-edged sword . On the one hand, it creates a sense of belonging and unity  among the staff, as we’re all in the same attire . It also makes it easier for customers to identify me as an employee whenever they need assistance. However, there are times when it feels a little bit restrictive, especially during scorching hot weather  when the fabric  can be quite uncomfortable. Having said that , I do understand the importance of maintaining a professional appearance and adhering to  the company's dress code , so overall, I don't really mind putting on  this uniform for my work.



  • polo shirt (phrase) = áo polo 

  • comfy (adj) = thoải mái 

  • apron (n) = tạp dề 

  • worn out (adj) = bị mài mòn 

  • a double-edged sword (phrase) = con dao hai lưỡi 

  • a sense of belonging and unity (phrase) = cảm giác thân thuộc và gắn kết 

  • attire (n) = trang phục

  • scorching hot weather (phrase) = thời tiết nóng gay gắt 

  • having said that (idiom) = dù vậy 

  • fabric (n) = chất liệu vải 

  • adhere to sth (phrasal verb) = tuân theo một nguyên tắc, chuẩn mực nào đó 

  • dress code (phrase) = quy định về trang phục 

  • put on sth (phrasal verb) = mặc một món đồ nào đó 


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