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IELTS Speaking Sample - Part 2 - Describe a time you couldn't use your phone

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Topic: Describe a time you couldn't use your phone. You should say

  • When it was

  • Where it was

  • Why you could not use your mobile phone

  • And how you felt about it

It’s quite hard for me when I received this topic since I have been glued to my mobile phone all the time and I couldn’t imagine how my daily life would be without it. But to the best of my recollection, there was still one time when I wasn’t able to use my phone and that was just about three weeks ago.

On that day, I was surfing the Internet keeping myself updated with the latest news while being completely immersed in Adele’s songs. Suddenly, the air conditioner stopped working and the websites couldn’t load due to the lack of Internet connection. Right at that moment, I realized that there was a power cut and my whole neighborhood was plunged into darkness. At first, I got a bit annoyed not only because it was sweltering in my room but also because I couldn't do anything without wifi. So I stopped staring at the mobile phone screen and decided to walk my dogs around the block near my house and breathe some fresh air. Afterwards, when I came back home, I did a bit of gardening, which gave me a thrilling experience. I had to wait for almost an hour, if memory serves, before electricity was restored.

Indeed, this whole situation reminded me of my childhood when there wasn't a constant electricity supply and the Internet didn’t exist. Back to those days, I seemed to pay a lot more attention to people and things around me. Instead, nowadays what I’m most interested in is the lives of the people I’ve never met in the virtual world. Of course, sometimes I can also learn something fascinating or meaningful from them, but I suppose real-life relationships are something better worth cultivating and I need to strike a balance between my virtual and my real life.


- (be) glued to: dán chặt mắt vào

- to the best of my recollection: nếu tôi nhớ không nhầm thì

- keep myself updated with the latest news: cập nhật những tin tức mới nhất

- be completely immersed in: hoàn toàn đắm chìm vào

- power cut: bị cúp điện

- (be) plunged into darkness: chìm trong cảnh tối tăm mù mịt

- sweltering: oi bức khó chịu

- before electricity was restored: trước khi có điện trở lại

- a constant electricity supply: một nguồn cung cấp điện ổn định, không hay bị gián đoạn

- the virtual world: thế giới ảo, trên mạng

- something better worth cultivating: một điều gì đó đáng được vun đắp hơn

- strike a balance between my virtual and my real life: cân bằng giữa thế giới ảo và đời thực

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