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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 2 - Describe a special cake you had

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

You should say:

  • What kind of cake it is,

  • When you ate the cake,

  • Who you ate with and explain why you think the cake is special.

Honestly speaking, I have a sweet tooth and I’ve always had a soft spot for cakes and desserts. Of course, I know for sure that consumption of too much sugary food isn’t healthy at all and I’ve put on some weight recently, but I can’t refrain from trying a slice of cake whenever I am in a café or coffee shop.

The truth is I’ve tasted many cakes in my life, but the one that still sticks in my mind until now is a yule log cake made by one of my besties, who has a consuming passion for cake baking. That was the 1st time she tried her hand at this kind of cake and as usual, I was always the 1st one who had a taste of her experiments. Even though she had never made anything like that before, that’s still the best cake I’ve ever savoured in my life.

Everything about the cake was amazing, from the yellow sponge cake to the chocolate buttercream, and that’s not to mention the scrumptious icing or frosting made from fresh fruits like berries.

At first, I thought it would be too rich and creamy for me, but it turned out to be a lot better than I’d expected. What’s more, it wasn’t too sweet and the soft moist texture of the cake was such an added bonus, unlike other yule log cakes I had eaten. It just melted in my mouth when I had the first bite of the cake and needless to say, it was such an indescribable feeling.

My best friend was surprised too when she succeeded at the first attempt. She couldn’t believe that she was able to make it, and she was incredibly happy when she knew that I did relish every taste of it. I have to admit that the cake was just to my liking, and I’m so glad to have a chance to experience that delicious creation first-hand.


have a sweet tooth: hảo ngọt

have a soft spot for sth: rất thích cái gì đó

sugary food: đồ ăn ngọt, nhiều đường

put on some weight: tăng vài kí

can’t refrain from doing sth: không thể không làm gì đó, không thể cưỡng lại gì đó

a slice of cake: một lát bánh

while away some time: ngồi chơi rảnh rỗi

the gospel truth is that … : thiệt sự mà nói là …

stick in my mind: còn đọng lại trong tâm trí tôi

have a consuming passion for sth: có một đam mê, khát khao mãnh liệt cho gì đó

try one’s hand at sth: thử sức với gì đó mới

have a taste of one’s experiments: nếm thử những món mới

savour sth: nhấm nháp, thưởng thức gì đó

yellow sponge cake: phần ruột bánh màu vàng

scrumptious: ngon lành, ngon miệng

icing = frosting: phần kem phủ trang trí bánh

rich: béo ngậy, dễ ngấy

creamy: nhiều kem

turned out to be …: hóa ra là …

soft moist texture: phần kết cấu bánh mềm và không quá khô

an added bonus: một điểm cộng đáng kể

melt in one’s mouth: tan chảy trong miệng ai đó

have the first bite of sth: cắn miếng đầu tiên

an indescribable feeling: một cảm giác thật khó tả

at the first attempt: trong lần đầu tiên

relish every taste of sth: thật sự tận hưởng gì đó

be just to one’s liking: đúng như ý thích ai đó

experience that delicious creation first-hand: tự trải nghiệm món ăn ngon lành đó

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