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IELTS SPEAKING SAMPLE PART 2 - Describe a family member you really admire

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

You should say:

  • who that person is

  • what that person looks like

  • what kind of person he or she is

and explain why you admire that person

It’s kinda hard for me to choose one member in my family to talk about as I always feel very close to them and love them equally. But if I had to pick one whom I admire the most, that would definitely be my dad.

Physically, even though he’s getting on for 70, he’s still hale and hearty. Every morning, he enjoys strolling around our neighbourhood before coming back home for breakfast. That’s why he still looks much younger than his real age, despite his salt-and-pepper / pepper-and-salt hair and fine wrinkles around his eyes.

I could say without the slightest hesitation that he’s among the most hard-working persons I’ve ever known in my life. I still vividly remember when I was just a little boy, you know, 5 or 6 years old, he could stay up very late and even overnight to finish his projects. For him, burning the midnight oil has been part of his life. Of course, my mom does complain sometimes and they still have some minor tiffs, just like any other couple out there.

I suppose the main reason why I admire him so much is that he knows how to manage his time wisely and however busy he is, he’s able to strike a balance between time for work and for family. He’s also my 1st English teacher, and he has kindled my lifelong passion for it. If I’m not mistaken, he’s incredibly creative and good with his hands as well. I still keep some of his toy models he made for me and my siblings and they are always our most prized possessions in life.


  • physically (adv) xét về ngoại hình

  • be getting on for (v phrase) gần xấp xỉ (bao nhiêu tuổi)

  • hale and hearty (adj phrase) khỏe mạnh (thường dùng cho người lớn tuổi)

  • stroll (v) đi dạo bộ, đi tản mát

  • salt-and-pepper / pepper-and-salt hair (n phrase) tóc muối tiêu

  • fine wrinkles (n phrase) những nếp nhăn nhỏ

  • without the slightest hesitation (phrase) không chần chừ, không do dự

  • vividly (adv) rõ ràng

  • burn the midnight oil (phrase) thức khuya để học tập hay làm việc

  • minor tiffs (n phrase) những tranh cãi vụn vặt

  • strike a balance (v phrase) duy trì sự cân bằng

  • kindle (v) gieo niềm đam mê, sở thích cho ai đó

  • lifelong passion (n phrase) niềm đam mê của cả cuộc đời

  • if I’m not mistaken (phrase) nếu tôi không lầm thì

  • good with one’s hands (a phrase) khéo tay

  • prized possessions (n phrase) những món tài sản quý giá


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