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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 2 - A Time When You Were Very Busy

Updated: Mar 25

Describe a time when you were very busy

You should say:

  • When it happened

  • Where you were

  • What you did

And explain why you were busy


I’d like to tell you about an extremely busy time that I had last year, right around the holidays. 

So, I work at a bakery, and you know what, that period of the year, the holiday season, is always incredibly hectic . We were constantly on our feet , working long hours  to meet the insane demand for cakes, cookies, and all sorts of festive treats.

Usually, I'm all about the bread and pastries only, you know, but during that time, I was swamped with  filling pies, decorating sugar cookies, and even helping out with the cash register.  It was a great way to learn all the different aspects of the bakery, but it was definitely overwhelming  at times!

The main reason for the busyness , of course, was the holidays themselves. People were lining up for their Christmas cookies and cakes, and there were last-minute orders coming in all the time. We even had a corporate client who ordered a massive gingerbread house, which took the entire cake-decorating team a full day to put together!

But despite all the stress and craziness about this heavy workload , it was kind of a rewarding experience  for me in the end. The atmosphere in the bakery was always electric , and seeing the happy faces of our customers picking up their treats just made it all worthwhile . By the time New Year's arrived, I was completely worn out , yet I felt a strong sense of satisfaction  knowing that we'd managed to deliver a successful holiday season for the bakery.



  • hectic (adj) = hối hả, tất bật 

  • be constantly on one’s feet (phrase) = (nghĩa bóng) liên tục bận rộn, không có thời gian để nghỉ ngơi 

  • work long hours (phrase) = làm việc hàng giờ liền 

  • be swamped with sth (phrase) = bận ngập đầu trong công việc gì đó 

  • overwhelming (adj) = gây choáng ngợp 

  • busyness (n) = sự bận rộn 

  • a heavy workload (phrase) = khối lượng công việc lớn 

  • a rewarding experience (phrase) = một trải nghiệm bổ ích 

  • electric (adj) = sôi động, nhiệt huyết

  • worthwhile (adj) = xứng đáng (với những nỗ lực, công sức hoặc của cải đã bỏ ra)

  • be worn out (phrasal verb) = kiệt sức 

  • a strong sense of satisfaction (phrase) = cảm giác rất hài lòng 


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