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IELTS Speaking Part 2 - A Risk You Took That Had A Positive Result

Updated: Jun 14

Describe a time when you took a risk and you knew something bad might happen, but it had a positive result

You should say:

  • What risk you took

  • What bad thing you thought might happen

  • Why you decided to take this risk

And explain why the result of taking this risk was positive


One of the memorable risks that I have taken was volunteering to give a presentation in my university accounting class. The presentation was part of the course assessment, which required each group to analyze and interpret the statistical data from a company’s financial statement. 

At that time, I was overwhelmed by  a bunch of intimidating scenarios : forgetting my lines, stumbling over my words , or even having a panic attack  in front of other students. I worried that these incidents might eventually throw my group’s effort down the drain  and damage my confidence for future presentations.

But despite these fears, I plucked up the courage  and offered to be my group’s presenter for several reasons. First, the presentation made up a significant part of our total grade, and excellent presenters would be rewarded a lot of extra marks for the final exam. More importantly, I wanted to challenge myself and finally overcome my fear of public speaking , something that had been troubling  me since secondary school. 

Fortunately, the outcome turned out to be very positive. I worked hard to comprehend the main points of the report, rehearsed the presentation thoroughly with my group members, and also learned some relaxation techniques to manage my anxiety. As a result, I was able to remain composed  and deliver my speech fluently throughout the presentation, which earned me praise from my classmates and even the highest marks from the lecturer.

Looking back, the decision to be the presenter taught me a valuable lesson: I have to confront  and overcome my own fears to become a better version of myself. I’ve indeed gained much more confidence since then and no longer shy away from public speaking. 



  • be overwhelmed by sth (phrase) = bị choáng ngợp bởi điều gì đó 

  • intimidating scenarios (phrase) = những viễn cảnh đáng sợ 

  • stumble over one’s words (phrase) = nói lắp 

  • panic attack (phrase) = cơn hoảng loạn 

  • throw sth down the drain (idiom) = lãng phí, phung phí điều gì đó (thời gian, công sức, tiền bạc,...)

  • pluck up the courage (to do sth) (idiom) = lấy hết can đảm (để làm việc gì đó) 

  • public speaking (phrase) = diễn thuyết trước công chúng 

  • trouble sb (phrase) = khiến ai đó lo lắng

  • remain composed (adj) = giữ được sự bình tĩnh 

  • confront sth (phrase) = đối mặt với điều gì đó 

  • shy away from sth (phrasal verb) = né tránh việc gì đó (vì ngại ngùng hoặc sợ hãi)


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