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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 2 - A Long-term Goal

Describe a long-term goal you would like to achieve

You should say:

  • How long you have had this goal

  • What the goal is

  • How you will achieve it

And explain why you set this goal


You know, ever since my high school days, I've had this fascination for languages like English, French or Chinese. It's not just about acquiring new words; it's the amazing journey of unlocking different cultures and understanding how people see the world in their unique ways. And you know what? My big dream has always been to become an interpreter , someone who bridges the gap between languages  and brings people closer together.

But becoming an interpreter isn’t a bed of roses . It requires some serious skills, and my learning journey is still a long way to go. I'm constantly attending language courses, having those chill sessions with native speakers, and even practicing new languages whenever I get the chance. Besides the language proficiency , I know that I’ve got to be on my toes , thinking fast and adapting to any situation. That’s why I'm pushing myself out of my comfort zone , joining debate clubs and some volunteer work as a translator for local events. It's all about building that mental agility  and the confidence that interpreters absolutely need.

As for why this dream means so much to me, I just want to be the bridge that allows people from diverse backgrounds to easily understand each other in different situations. Whether they’re business deals, medical consultations, or just everyday conversations, I envision myself facilitating communication, breaking down barriers, and fostering connections. The thought of making a real difference in people's lives is what fuels my determination .

I know that my journey might be a bit of a  long haul , but with every language I learn, every skill I fine-tune , and every connection I make, I believe that one day I’ll be able to achieve this dream.



  • acquire (v) = tiếp thu

  • interpreter (n) = phiên dịch viên

  • bridge the gap between languages (phrase) = xóa bỏ rào cản ngôn ngữ 

  • bed of roses (idiom) = con đường rải đầy hoa hồng 

  • language proficiency (phrase) = trình độ ngôn ngữ

  • be on one’s toes (idiom) = không ngừng cố gắng 

  • push oneself out of one’s comfort zone (phrase) = thoát khỏi vùng an toàn của bản thân

  • build mental agility (phrase) = rèn luyện trí óc nhanh nhạy

  • envision (v) = hình dung 

  • fuel one’s determination (phrase) = nung nấu ngọn lửa nhiệt huyết của ai đó 

  • long haul (phrase) = chuyến hành trình dài và đầy thử thách 

  • fine-tune (v) = tinh chỉnh, hoàn thiện 


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