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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 2 - A Conversation With An Old Person

Describe an interesting conversation that you had with an old person

You should say:

  • Who you had it with

  • Where you had it

  • What the conversation was about

And explain how you felt about it


The most captivating conversation I had with an older person was such an unforgettable experience during my trip to America. While I was taking some pictures in the Dallas zoo, I noticed a man attentively reading through a big encyclopedia. Being curious, I struck up a conversation  with him and found out that his name was Harry Cullen, a high school history teacher.

As we were chatting, Harry’s eyes lit up  while reminiscing  about life before technology developed. He recounted  how fresh the air was before industrialization, unlike the polluted atmosphere now. Knowing that I’m Vietnamese, the man confessed that he really admired our beloved president Ho Chi Minh. As a history teacher, he’s always told his students to appreciate peace and voice their opposition to  wars. While he was talking about historical events, I  was taken aback by his vivid descriptions and good memory. He also emphasized the key to enjoying life was cherishing relationships. Suddenly, he asked me if I'd got married yet and I just laughed it off . I told him I was not ready for that. Then, Harry just smiled and gave me some advice. He stated that marriage was an important decision and I had to think carefully before making up my mind . I replied to him that was something my mom also told me before.

The conversation with Harry only lasted for a few minutes but it actually had a huge impact on me. After talking to him, I’ve come to cherish every single moment while hanging out with my loved ones  and better appreciate peace.



  • captivating (adj) = cuốn hút

  • strike up a conversation (phrasal verb) = bắt đầu một cuộc trò chuyện

  • light up (phrasal verb) = sáng lên

  • reminisce about sth (phrase) = hoài niệm về điều gì đó 

  • recount (v) = kể lại

  • voice one’s opposition to sth (phrase) = lên tiếng phản đối điều gì đó

  • be taken aback by sth (phrasal verb) = ngạc nhiên bởi điều gì đó 

  • vivid (adj) = sống động

  • emphasize (v) = nhấn mạnh

  • laugh sth off (phrasal verb) = cười trừ

  • make up one’s mind (idiom) = đưa ra quyết định

  • loved ones (phrase) = những người thân yêu 


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