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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 1 - Topic: Jeans

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

"Do you wear jeans?"

Yup, definitely, especially when I spend a day out with my bosom buddies exploring various hidden corners of Saigon and enjoying the local cuisine. I reckon that on casual occasions like these, comfy clothes like faded blue jeans and a T-shirt would be the best combination so I can feel free to do whatever I want.

"How often do you wear jeans?"

Quite often, or to be more precise, on a daily basis, when I attend classes at university or hang out with my besties at the coffee shops. You know, jeans are surely ideal for daily life activities as they’re not only fashionable but comfortable as well.

"Do you like wearing jeans, why?"

Needless to say, yes. As I already said, I tend to put on a short-sleeved T-shirt and a pair of jeans whenever I go out to meet up with friends or attend an informal event. It’s kinda hard to say why jeans tend to be among my first choices of clothes; perhaps they’re comfortable to wear and they can go pretty well with other articles of clothing.

"Why do you think jeans are popular?"

I’m not sure, but I guess jeans are normally favored by many people simply because they never go out of style and most people find it quite easy and convenient to mix and match their jeans with other items of clothing and accessories.



bosom buddy = bestie

bạn rất thân, bạn tốt

explore various hidden corners

khám phá những ngóc ngách ít ai biết

enjoy the local cuisine

tận hưởng ẩm thực địa phương

casual occasions

những dịp thoải mái, thân mật

comfy clothes

quần áo mặc thoải mái

faded blue jeans

quần jeans màu xanh bạc

feel free (to do sth)

thoải mái, tha hồ làm gì đó

to be more precise

nói một cách chính xác hơn thì

on a daily basis

hằng ngày, mỗi ngày

ideal for daily life activities

lý tưởng cho các hoạt động, sinh hoạt hằng ngày

needless to say

không cần phải nói nhiều

put sth on

mặc quần áo gì đó

short-sleeved T-shirt

áo thun tay ngắn

meet up with friends

gặp gỡ bạn bè

attend an informal event

tham dự một sự kiện thân mật

go pretty well with sth​

phối khá hợp với cái gì đó

articles of clothing = items of clothing

các món đồ, quần áo

go out of style

lỗi mốt

mix and match (sth with sth)

phối đồ


đồ phụ kiện

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