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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 1 - Topic: Haircut

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

"Have you ever had an unhappy haircut experience?"

Well, let me see, if memory serves, about a month ago, to prepare for my upcoming trip with my besties, I did go for a haircut at a familiar barber’s near my house. Usually everything is fine, but this time a new barber apprentice actually ruined my hair when he cut it way too short and made me look like a fool.

"How long have you had your current haircut?"

Uhm, for about a week, I guess, as I said earlier, I had to wait for a while till my hair is long enough again. This time I did remind the apprentice to be more careful and everything turned out a lot better, so I can say I’m quite happy with my current haircut.

"How often do you have a haircut?"

It depends, I can say, as sometimes I’m too busy with mountains of deadlines at work, I hardly ever remember to get a new haircut. You’ll never imagine how terrible I look with my long scruffy hair at those times.

"Do you like having your haircut?"

Of course, when my hair is neat and tidy, it always gives me a comfortable feeling. I feel much more confident when I hang out with my friends or colleagues. Well, I guess I should have my hair cut more frequently, especially in such scorching hot summer days.



if memory serves

nếu tôi nhớ không nhầm

upcoming trip

chuyến đi sắp tới


bạn thân


tiệm hớt tóc của nam

barber apprentice

thợ hớt tóc học việc

ruin one’s hair

làm hỏng tóc của ai đó

cut sth way too short

cắt cái gì đó quá ngắn

turn out a lot better

hóa ra là tốt hơn nhiều

mountains of deadlines

hàng núi những kỳ hạn công việc cần hoàn thành

long scruffy hair

tóc dài rối bù xù nhìn không gọn gàng

neat and tidy

gọn gàng, sạch sẽ

scorching hot summer days

những ngày hè nóng oi bức

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