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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 1 - Topic: Concentration

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

"Why do you need to be focused?"

Staying focused is crucial as it helps me to get all my assignments done and as a result I won’t have to struggle to meet the deadlines. Of course, I have to admit that sometimes I can be easily distracted by something else and find it kinda hard to concentrate entirely on what I’m doing.

"What might distract you when you are trying to stay focused?"

There are too many distractions, to be honest, when I’m working at home and trying to focus, you know, from the cold calls attempting to sell me something like life insurance or a flat from a housing estate to all the trivial household chores I still have to do.

"What do you do to help you concentrate?"

Well, it’s really difficult, but normally I try everything that may prove useful, like staying away from my mobile phone or locking myself in my own private study so as to avoid any external distraction and throw myself body and soul into my work.

"Is it difficult for you to stay focused on something?"

As I already said, yes, as I’m more of a person who tends to be distracted and influenced by what’s happening around me. That’s why an absolutely quiet place would be ideal for me if I need to stay completely focused on a task for hours on end.




rất quan trọng, thiết yếu

get sth done

hoàn tất gì đó

struggle to meet the deadlines

vật lộn để hoàn thành kịp kì hạn

I have to admit that

tôi phải thừa nhận rằng

be easily distracted (by sth)

dễ bị phân tâm bởi gì đó

concentrate entirely on sth = stay completely focused on sth

tập trung hoàn toàn vào điều gì đó

too many distractions

quá nhiều thứ gây xao nhãng

cold calls

những cuộc gọi để bán hàng, giới thiệu sản phẩm

attempt to do sth

cố gắng để làm gì đó

life insurance

​bảo hiểm nhân thọ

housing estate

dự án nhà

trivial household chores

những công việc nhà lặt vặt

​prove useful

được cho là hữu dụng

stay away from sth

tránh xa gì đó

lock myself in …

tự nhốt mình vào đâu đó

private study

phòng làm việc riêng

avoid any external distraction

tránh tất cả những thứ gây xao nhãng bên ngoài

throw myself body and soul into my work

dốc toàn tâm toàn ý cho công việc

an absolutely quiet place

một nơi tuyệt đối yên tĩnh

for hours on end

trong hàng giờ liên tục

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