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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 1 - Sunglasses

1. Do you often wear sunglasses?

Yes, I always put my prescription sunglasses  on whenever I have to go outside because I have severe myopia . My eyes are  sensitive to  sunlight, too.

2. Do you spend a lot of money on sunglasses?

As a student, I don’t earn enough money to splash out on high-end  sunglasses. So, I usually opt for  mid-range  brands or even good quality replicas . I can’t afford to purchase a pair worth hundreds of dollars yet.

3. Do you often give sunglasses as a gift?

Yes, I actually do! Sunglasses are a  practical and stylish gift that many people can appreciate. It's  an ideal choice for  birthdays, holidays, or even just a surprise. Plus, you can tailor them to  one’s personality and style, which makes this even more special.

4. Do you like receiving sunglasses as a gift?

Absolutely! It's always exciting to get a new pair, especially if it's something you have never bought for yourself. The giver must have  put a lot of effort into  searching for one that suits  the recipient the most.



  • prescription sunglasses (phrase) = kính mát có độ

  • myopia (n) = cận thị

  • be sensitive to sth (phrase) = nhạy cảm với cái gì đó

  • splash out on sth (phrasal verb) = chi rất nhiều tiền cho cái gì đó

  • high-end (adj) = (về một mặt hàng) chất lượng cao và đắt tiền

  • opt for sth (phrase) = lựa chọn cái gì đó

  • mid-range (adj) = (về một mặt hàng) phân khúc tầm trung

  • replica (n) = hàng nhái

  • practical (adj) = thiết thực

  • an ideal choice for sth (phrase) = một lựa chọn tuyệt vời cho cái gì đó

  • tailor sth to sb (phrase) = thiết kế riêng cái gì đó cho phù hợp với ai đó

  • put effort into sth (phrase) = nỗ lực để làm việc gì đó

  • suit (v) = phù hợp


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