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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 1 - Rainy Days

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

1. Do you like rainy days? Why?

To be honest, I sometimes love rainy days because I find them to be very relaxing and peaceful. I also love the soothing sound of the raindrops falling on the roof and the feeling of being cozy inside while it's raining outside.

2. Does it rain much in your city?

Well, the amount of rainfall in my city actually varies throughout the year. So, during the spring and autumn seasons, we tend to experience more frequent showers and occasional thunderstorms . However, in the summer, rainfall is relatively less frequent, with mostly sunny and dry days.

3. Would you like to live in a dry or wet place?

I think I’d prefer to live in a wet place, even though I know that some people may find it uncomfortable. I actually enjoy the refreshing and invigorating atmosphere after rain, and I also find that wet weather makes everything look so green and lush .

4. Would you change your plan if it rained?

I guess it’d depend on the intensity of the rain. For example, if I had plans for a picnic or a sporting event and it were pouring with rain , I would probably reschedule or find an indoor option. However, if it were just a light drizzle , I might still go ahead with my plans and use an umbrella or wear a raincoat.



  • soothing sound (phrase) = âm thanh êm dịu

  • raindrop (n) = hạt mưa

  • cozy (adj) = ấm cúng

  • rainfall (n) = lượng mưa

  • shower (n) = cơn mưa rào

  • thunderstorm (n) = giông bão

  • refreshing and invigorating atmosphere (phrase) = bầu không khí mát mẻ và sảng khoái

  • be green and lush (phrase) = (về môi trường, cây cối xung quanh) xanh tươi và phong phú

  • pour with rain (phrase) = mưa xối xả

  • drizzle (n) = cơn mưa phùn


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