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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 1 - Outer Space

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

1. Do you enjoy looking at the stars?

Absolutely! I find great pleasure in watching the stars because it gives me a chance to escape from reality and delve into the wonders of astronomy . Besides, I also enjoy sharing this activity with my friends and family.

2. Have you ever learned about outer space and stars at school?

Well, if my memory serves me right , I used to study the solar system , galaxies, constellations and the life cycle of stars back then in secondary school. And you know, all this knowledge was truly captivating and has helped me a lot in better understanding how the universe functions.

3. Do you enjoy watching films about outer space and stars?

To be honest, movies that revolve around outer space have always captured my attention since I was a kid because of their stunning visuals and attractive storytelling. Moreover, these films also offer a glimpse into the vastness and mysteries of the universe, which never fail to leave me in awe .

4. Do you want to travel to outer space in the future?

Yes, I’d love to travel to outer space someday to explore the unknown of the universe and observe the Earth from a new angle. Oh, and the experience of being completely weightless in the middle of space would be incredibly exciting, too.



  • find pleasure in sth (phrase) = tìm thấy niềm vui ở điều gì đó

  • escape from reality (phrase) = thoát ly khỏi hiện thực (để tạm quên đi những bộn bề, áp lực hiện tại)

  • delve into sth (phrase) = đắm chìm vào điều gì đó

  • astronomy (n) = thiên văn học

  • if my memory serves me right,... (idiom) = nếu tôi nhớ không nhầm thì…

  • solar system (phrase) = hệ mặt trời

  • constellation (n) = chòm sao

  • revolve around sth (phrasal verb) = xoay quanh điều gì đó

  • capture one’s attention (phrase) = thu hút sự chú ý của ai đó

  • stunning visuals (phrase) = những hình ảnh tuyệt đẹp

  • glimpse (n) = cái nhìn thoáng qua

  • vastness (n) = sự mênh mông, rộng lớn

  • leave sb in awe (phrase) = khiến ai đó kinh ngạc

  • the unknown (phrase) = những điều chưa được biết đến

  • weightless (adj) = không trọng lượng


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