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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 1 - Money

1. Do you prefer to spend or save money?

It actually depends on the context and my current financial situation. I normally prioritize saving for important goals, but I also value occasional spending on outings  with my friends or personal gifts.

2. What do you think about payment apps or mobile payments?

I think those online payment tools offer a convenient and secure way to manage finances. They simplify transactions , eliminate the need to carry cash, and sometimes even offer rewards or cashback . But it's still important to be mindful of potential fees or security risks.

3. Do you use a credit card to buy things?

No, I don't typically use a credit card  for purchases because I find it much easier to manage my expenses using cash or debit cards . I also believe in spending within my means  and avoiding the temptation  to accumulate debt  through credit cards.

4. Do you think cash will still be popular in the future?

Well, although cashless payments  are growing extremely fast, I don’t think cash will disappear entirely. I mean, it still offers advantages like privacy and accessibility, especially for the unbanked  or the low-tech .



  • outing (n) = chuyến đi dã ngoại

  • transaction (n) = giao dịch tài chính

  • cashback (n) = hoàn lại tiền 

  • credit card / debit card (phrase) = thẻ tín dụng / thẻ ghi nợ

  • spend within one’s means (phrase) = chi tiêu trong khả năng của bản thân 

  • temptation (phrase) = sự cám dỗ 

  • accumulate debt (phrase) = tích lũy nợ  

  • cashless payment (phrase) = thanh toán không sử dụng tiền mặt 

  • the unbanked (phrase) = những người không có tài khoản ngân hàng

  • the low-tech (phrase) = những người không rành công nghệ 


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