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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 1 - Flowers

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

1. Do you like flowers?

Yes, I really appreciate the beauty and fragrance of flowers, especially roses and orchids. They can brighten up any space and create a pleasant atmosphere where they appear.

2. What kinds of flowers are popular in your country?

Well, you know, Vietnam is a tropical country so it is famous for a diversity of flowers. However, in my opinion, apricot blossoms and lotus flowers are the two most beautiful and widely displayed in my country.

3. Do people in your country often give flowers as gifts?

Overall, I’d say giving flowers as gifts is quite common in my country because it’s considered a gesture of love, appreciation, and respect. Additionally, we mostly give flowers on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and national holidays.

4. Do flowers have any special meaning in your culture?

Absolutely! Flowers do play a significant role in Vietnamese culture. For example, lotus flowers are often symbolic of purity and compassion while apricot blossoms are normally on display during Tet holidays as their vivid yellow color represents luck and prosperity.



  • fragrance (n) = hương thơm

  • orchid (n) = hoa lan

  • brighten up sth (phrasal verb) = thắp sáng, làm bừng sáng một cái gì đó

  • a diversity of flowers (phrase) = sự đa dạng các loài hoa

  • apricot blossom (n) = hoa mai

  • lotus flower (n) = hoa sen

  • be widely displayed (phrase) = được trưng bày rộng rãi

  • gesture (n) = cử chỉ

  • be symbolic of sth (phrase) = tượng trưng cho điều gì đó

  • purity (n) = sự thuần khiết

  • compassion (n) = lòng trắc ẩn

  • be on display (phrase) = được trưng bày

  • vivid (adj) = sinh động, rực rỡ

  • prosperity (n) = sự sung túc, thịnh vượng


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