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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 1 - Fish

1. Is fishing popular in your country?

Yes, fishing is a really popular pastime  in my country. In fact, people of all ages and from all walks of life  enjoy it, whether they're looking to unwind  or just catch a challenge. It's a great way to bond with their loved ones , too.

2. Do you like eating fish?

You know, aside from  those annoying bones, I have a huge liking for  fish, to be honest. It's a healthy and delicious choice, and there are just so many ways to cook it. For example, grilled or fried fish is something I always find appealing .

3. Have you ever been to a place where there are lots of fish around you?

Oh, definitely! I recall this one trip to a coastal area where I went snorkeling , and the underwater world was just teeming with  all sorts of unusual fish, like clownfish , parrotfish , and  angelfish . It was such an amazing experience to be surrounded by those shoals of fish , I’d say.

4. Have you seen any movies featuring lots of fish?

Yeah, I've actually seen a few movies with tons of  fish. One that comes to mind is "Finding Nemo", an animated film  about a clownfish named Nemo and his aquatic friends. You know, the movie showcases a colorful underwater world with all kinds of fish, and it's both entertaining and visually stunning .



  • pastime (n) = sở thích 

  • from all walks of life (phrase) = thuộc mọi tầng lớp xã hội 

  • unwind (v) = thư giãn 

  • bond with their loved ones (phrase) = gắn kết với những người thân yêu của họ 

  • aside from sth (phrase) = ngoại trừ cái gì đó 

  • have a liking for sth (phrase) = yêu thích cái gì đó 

  • appealing (adj) = hấp dẫn

  • go snorkeling (phrase) = đi lặn biển 

  • be teeming with sth (phrasal verb) = tràn ngập cái gì đó 

  • clownfish / parrotfish / angelfish (n) = cá hề / cá vẹt / cá thần tiên 

  • a shoal of fish (phrase) = một đàn cá

  • a ton of / tons of sth (phrase) = hàng tá cái gì đó 

  • animated film (phrase) = phim hoạt hình 

  • visually stunning (phrase) = đẹp mắt


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