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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 1 - Colors

1. What’s your favorite color?

Hmm, I wouldn't say I have a single favorite color, but I do find myself drawn to shades of blue quite often. It has a calming and serene effect  on me, and I often associate  it with the vastness of the ocean or the clarity of a clear sky.

2. What’s the color you dislike? Why?

Well, there's one color I always try to avoid, especially in clothing, and that's neon green. I had an unfortunate experience once wearing a neon green shirt to a presentation, and the overwhelming brightness made me feel self-conscious  and distracted the audience.

3. What colors do your friends like most?

In my friend group, there seems to be a common liking for  earthy tones  like green and brown. I guess it's mostly influenced by our shared love for nature and outdoor activities.

4. What color makes you uncomfortable in your room?

Personally, I wouldn't say any color inherently  gives me discomfort , but I understand why some people find bright colors overwhelming. You know, these colors might be energizing  at first, but eventually, they could lead to eye strain  and feelings of restlessness .



  • a calming and serene effect (phrase) = cảm giác yên bình và thanh tịnh

  • associate A with B (phrase) = liên tưởng điều A với điều B

  • self-conscious (adj) = ngượng ngùng, tự ti  

  • a common liking for sth (phrase) = sở thích chung về cái gì đó 

  • earthy tones (phrase) = tông màu đất 

  • inherently (adv) = vốn dĩ 

  • discomfort (n) = cảm giác khó chịu 

  • energizing (adj) = mang lại nhiều năng lượng 

  • eye strain (phrase) = mỏi mắt 

  • feelings of restlessness (phrase) = cảm giác bồn chồn


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