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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 1 - Collecting Things

Updated: Jan 24

1. Do you collect things?

Oh, I wouldn't say I'm an avid collector , but I  have a soft spot for  vintage postcards. I love the art on them and how they symbolize the destination. I store them neatly in a special album and enjoy flipping through them whenever I need a little dose of  nostalgia .

2. Are there any things you keep from childhood?

Absolutely! I still have kept a collection of teddy bears since I was a little girl. It's a bit worn and patched-up now, but it holds so many precious memories for me. This collection is a reminder of the comfort and  innocence of childhood. I keep it tucked away in a box of old keepsakes  in my closet.

3. What is your favorite collection from childhood?

I started collecting Sakura cards when the series Card Captor Sakura was first broadcast on HTV3. I was into this series so much that I had spent a lot of money and time searching for cards as soon as they were  for sale . 

4. Would you keep old things for a long time? Why?

It depends on the item and its sentimental value. Some things, like my childhood teddy bear or a family heirloom , are irreplaceable and I'll cherish them forever. Others, like clothes or electronics, might become outdated  or unusable, and I'd be happy to donate or recycle them to protect the environment.



  • avid collector (phrase) = người đam mê sưu tầm

  • have a soft spot for sth (idiom) = thích cái gì đó rất nhiều

  • neatly (adv) = một cách gọn gàng

  • dose (n) = liều lượng (về thuốc / về một trải nghiệm không vui)

  • nostalgia (n) = sự hoài niệm

  • innocence (n) = sự ngây ngô

  • be tucked away (phrasal verb) = được giấu kín

  • keepsake (n) = kỷ vật

  • be for sale (phrase) = được bán

  • sentimental (adj) = (thuộc giá trị) tình cảm

  • heirloom (n) = vật gia truyền

  • cherish (v) = trân trọng

  • outdated (adj) = lỗi thời


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