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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 1 - Celebrity

1. Who is your favorite celebrity in your country?

My favorite celebrity in my country is Trang Phap. I admire her not only for her exceptional talent in composing music, but also for her strong leadership. I have been an ardent fan of Trang Phap since she released the hit “Chocolate”.

2. What kind of famous people do you often see in the news?

In the news, I often come across stories about a variety of famous individuals, including actors, musicians, athletes, and politicians. You know, the media tends to focus on people who are making the headlines  due to their achievements or controversies .

3. Do you pay attention to famous people in the news?

Yes, my Facebook newsfeed  is filled with celebrities’ news every day. I always scroll through  the comments below every post just to see how the netizens react to the news. That’s time-consuming  but I can’t help  myself doing that.

4. Do you believe that the news about famous people in the media is true?

I think it depends on where you get the news. For me, I always wait for official announcements from trustworthy pages and magazines because I want to approach media coverage with a critical mindset.



  • exceptional (adj) = xuất chúng

  • be an ardent fan of sb (phrase) = là một người hâm mộ cuồng nhiệt của ai đó 

  • come across sb / sth (phrasal verb) = tình cờ bắt gặp ai đó / cái gì đó 

  • make the headlines (phrase) = có khả năng thu hút sự chú ý của công chúng

  • controversy (n) = cuộc tranh cãi

  • newsfeed (n) = bảng tin

  • scroll through sth (phrase) = lướt (web, comment,...)

  • time-consuming (adj) = tốn thời gian

  • can’t help sth / doing sth (idiom) = không thể ngăn bản thân làm điều gì đó

  • trustworthy (adj) = uy tín, đáng tin

  • approach (v) = tiếp cận

  • media coverage (phrase) = tin tức trên các phương tiện điện tử


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