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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Work Motivation (Agree or Disagree Question)

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

There are several factors that motivate people to stay in the workforce, and money is the most important factor.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Nowadays, it is widely believed that material value is the main drive for workers to remain in the labor force and continue their profession. Personally, I do not think money is the most significant motivation and there are several factors of paramount importance which I will discuss in the following essay.

Proponents of such a belief would argue that money could help individuals relish numerous aspects of life. Specifically, a substantial amount of income will enable people to make purchases of anything they crave for. For instance, workers who earn an enormous amount may expend these sums on building a new house, purchasing a new car or traveling abroad, all of which have been their desires from the outset . Furthermore, in terms of mentality, the fact that a person works diligently with the primary aim of earning money can incentivise them to put even more effort into their future duties or tasks. Correspondingly, they can gain more material possessions commensurate with their hard work and remain in their profession.

However, I strongly disagree that monetary rewards should be regarded as the major motivation since there are many more fulfilling goals that a worker aims for rather than money solely. First, many individuals pursue and remain in their occupation purely because of the burning passion for their work. For example, a large number of teachers, although not well-paid, may still hope to contribute their best to the physical and academic development of their students and this is mainly thanks to their consuming teaching passion . Second, the pursuit of one’s job may stem from all the life and social skills involved in it that a worker hopes to sharpen. These might be interpersonal or leadership skills, which can assist them in dealing with different individuals rationally or heading a team most effectively even in difficult situations.

In conclusion, despite the assumption that money is the most important factor that drives many people to stay in the labor force, I still believe there are more fulfilling aspects to motivate them to pursue their occupation as mentioned above.



  • material (adj): vật chất

  • drive (n): động lực, sự thúc đẩy

  • paramount (adj): quan trọng hơn

  • relish (v): tận hưởng

  • crave (v): khao khát

  • the outset (n): giai đoạn khởi đầu

  • diligently (adv): siêng năng

  • incentivise sb to do sth (phrase): thúc đẩy ai đó làm việc gì đó (bằng phần thưởng)

  • be commensurate with sth (phrase): tương xứng với cái gì đó

  • monetary (adj): liên quan đến tiền tệ

  • consuming passion (phrase): niềm đam mê cháy bỏng

  • head (v): đứng đầu, lãnh đạo



Body 1: The reasons why money is the most important factor that motivates people to stay in the workforce

  • Having lots of money allows workers to spend these sums on their desired items such as a new car, house, etc. → this helps them attain financial goals from the outset and decide to remain in their job

  • Material value drives employees to work significantly harder to make even more money → this can motivate them to stay in the labor force and continue earning a huge income commensurate with their effort and expertise

Body 2: The reasons why money is not the most important factor that motivates people to stay in the workforce + my personal opinion: Agree

  • Many people pursue their career path purely out of the passion for the job – for example, a large number of teachers, despite not receiving a high salary, still remain in their occupation because of a burning teaching passion

  • Some employees prefer jobs which involve essential life and social skills that they hope to sharpen – these can be interpersonal and leadership skills which benefit them in effective communication or team management


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