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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Work Happiness (Agree or Disagree Question)

Updated: Apr 12

People who decide on a career path early in their lives and keep to it are more likely to have a satisfying working life than those who change jobs frequently. 

To what extent do you agree or disagree? (16/03/2024)


It is often argued that employees who stick to  a career path chosen early on in life tend to enjoy greater job satisfaction  than those switching jobs regularly. While this statement is valid considering the benefits for loyal workers in terms of career advancement and additional perks , I mostly disagree with it for the reasons below.

On the one hand, staying consistent in a previously chosen career path could significantly foster workers’ expertise . For instance, surgeons who pursue a career in medicine from a young age are likely to undergo rigorous training  and accumulate years of experience , thus later becoming proficient in  complex surgical procedures. This specialization might not only enhance job satisfaction by allowing them to excel in their chosen field but also increase their value to employers, leading to greater recognition  and opportunities for career advancement. Furthermore, employees who remain within the same company or the same industry for an extended period typically receive benefits such as job security , pension plans, and health insurance, all of which can also contribute to their overall happines at work. 

However, despite the advantages of remaining in a single career path, I believe that its potential significant drawbacks could eventually impact one’s job fulfillment . One notable concern is the risk of employees experiencing a plateau  in their careers and having limited growth opportunities. This lack of professional development has been linked to the increasing rate of career changes in recent years, suggesting that sticking to a fixed job might not bring more satisfaction for workers. Additionally, the rapidly evolving nature of industries and job markets  themselves could make it increasingly difficult to predict the long-term viability  of a single career path. To illustrate, those who pursued careers in traditional print journalism may find themselves struggling with job insecurity  as newspapers and magazines transition to online platforms, eventually leading to a lower level of job fulfillment.

In conclusion, while there are undeniable benefits to sticking with a single career path, such as expertise accumulation and perks, I argue that the evolving nature of industries and potential limitations in growth opportunities suggest it may not always result in greater job satisfaction.



  • stick to sth (phrasal verb) = gắn bó, kiên định với cái gì đó 

  • job satisfaction / fulfillment (phrase) = sự hài lòng trong công việc 

  • perk (n) = bổng lộc 

  • significantly foster workers’ expertise (phrase) = nâng cao đáng kể trình độ chuyên môn của người lao động 

  • undergo rigorous training (phrase) = trải qua quá trình đào tạo nghiêm ngặt 

  • accumulate years of experience (phrase) = tích lũy nhiều năm kinh nghiệm 

  • be proficient in sth (phrase) = thành thạo một công việc, lĩnh vực nào đó 

  • excel in sth (phrase) = hoàn thành xuất sắc ở một lĩnh vực nào đó 

  • recognition (n) = sự công nhận 

  • plateau (n) = sự chững lại, sự ngừng phát triển 

  • rapidly evolving nature of industries and job markets (phrase) = tính chất phát triển nhanh chóng của các ngành công nghiệp và thị trường việc làm

  • long-term viability (phrase) = khả năng tồn tại lâu dài 

  • job security / insecurity (phrase) = sự đảm bảo / không đảm bảo về việc làm



Body 1: The potential benefits of sticking to a single career path for job satisfaction

  • Sticking to a chosen career path can help workers become experts in their field → they could be happier with their job and have more chances to move up

  • Employees who stay with the same company or industry for a long time often receive many benefits (e.g. job security, retirement plans, and health insurance) → greater job satisfaction

Body 2: The potential drawbacks of sticking to a single career path for job satisfaction + my personal opinion: Mostly disagree

  • Employees might reach a point where they stop growing in their careers and have fewer opportunities to progress → decreased job satisfaction 

  • As industries and job markets are changing rapidly, it might be hard to know if one career will still be good in the future → job insecurity and lower job satisfaction


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