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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Working From Home (Positive or Negative Development Question)

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

There are more workers working from home and more students studying from home. This is because computer technology is more and more easily accessible and cheaper.

Do you think it is a positive or negative development?


The advent of the Internet and digital technologies has allowed organizations to simulate full-fledged work or study environments at home. This is arguably a major breakthrough regarding workflow and study management despite some obvious, yet mitigable, repercussions.

Flexible work/study arrangement may increase the teleworkers and distance learners’ susceptibility to distractions caused by the comfort of the home environment, potentially reducing the work quality. Without the supervision of managers or instructors, task completion among the remote workers/students may be impeded by the temptation of various forms of entertainment available, such as social media or video games. This is particularly problematic among those with poor self-regulation skills. However, these issues can be mitigated by the adoption of deadline-driven management, which measures performance by one's ability to meet the deadlines. A bigger concern is the absence of human interaction, which leads to a greater chance of misunderstanding and limited opportunities for meaningful relationship building. This can be partially solved by creating occasions for socializing, where people can forge a better bond with others.

By contrast, the notable implications of distance work and study include, among other things, cost/time efficiency and the possibility for continuity during crises. Remote employees and students can effectively finish their work, report progress to their supervisors, and attend group discussions at their computer desk, cutting travel time and expenditures on gasoline and transport. From a business perspective, spacious offices and schools with prohibitive rent and overheads are no longer necessary now that most meetings can be held with video conferencing software. Besides, home-based working/studying offers the option to maintain business and school activities during challenging periods such as wartime or infectious disease outbreaks, when gatherings are unsafe and therefore inadvisable.

All things considered, the phenomenon in question is a great stride towards sustainable education and business as long as the drawbacks are properly addressed.



THESIS STATEMENT: This is a positive development

BODY 1: Problems with working/studying from home

  • Workers are distracted easily → solved by giving deadlines

  • Possible misunderstanding & cannot develop relationships → solved by getting together sometimes.

BODY 2: Advantages of working/studying from home

  • Cost/time efficiency

  • Work continuity during crisis.



full-fledged (adj)

một cách chính thức

mitigable (adj)

có thể điều tiết được

impede (v)

cản trở

susceptibility (n)

sự mẫn cảm, nguy cơ

teleworker (n)

người làm việc từ xa

prohibitive (prices, rent) (adj)

giá rất cao

overheads (n)

chi phí chung

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