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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Student Voluntary Work (Agree or Disagree Question)

Updated: Jun 14

All university students should do some voluntary work to help the local community. 

To what extent do you agree or disagree? (20/04/2024)


It is often argued that all university students should engage in voluntary activities to assist the local community. Although this proposition can foster civic responsibility  and personal growth, I disagree with it considering the additional pressure placed on students and the misperceived nature of voluntary work .

On the one hand, proponents of compulsory  voluntary work for university students often point to the significant benefits it can bring to both the students and the community. Firstly, participation in these activities can instill in students a sense of civic responsibility and community awareness , prompting them to take further action  to help those in need. Secondly, community service projects  often require skills such as teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving, all of which are highly valued in the job market. By joining and coordinating such voluntary activities, students can have the chance to learn valuable interpersonal skills , which could enhance their personal development and employability  in the future.

On the other hand, I contend that university students should not be compelled to perform voluntary work for several reasons. The first one is that the additional burden of mandatory  community service can worsen the already high stress levels experienced by many students. In the worst-case scenario , they might fail to strike a balance between  academic progress, part-time jobs, family obligations, and voluntary commitments, potentially leading to burnout and anxiety. Another reason for why I oppose this idea relates to the core value of voluntary work . As its name suggests, voluntary activities should only be done out of students’ volition . Pressuring them to take part in community service projects is just likely to trigger negative reactions  among these students without practically contributing to local communities.

In summary, while encouraging all university students to participate in voluntary work can help enhance their community awareness and personal development, I disagree with it considering the negative impacts on their well-being and the misunderstood value of volunteerism .



  • civic responsibility (phrase) = trách nhiệm công dân 

  • the misperceived nature of voluntary work (phrase) = bản chất dễ bị hiểu sai của công việc tình nguyện

  • instill sth <--> in sb (phrasal verb) = khiến ai đó thấm nhuần một tư tưởng, triết lý, hoặc nhận thức nào đó

  • prompt sb to do sth (phrase) = thúc đẩy ai đó làm việc gì đó 

  • community service projects (phrase) = các dự án liên quan đến dịch vụ cộng đồng 

  • interpersonal skills (phrase) = kỹ năng đối nhân xử thế

  • employability (n) = khả năng được tuyển dụng 

  • compulsory / mandatory (adj) = bắt buộc 

  • in the worst-case scenario (phrase) = trong trường hợp xấu nhất 

  • strike a balance between A, B and so on (idiom) = cân bằng giữa việc A, việc B, v.v. 

  • the core value of voluntary work (phrase) = giá trị cốt lõi của công việc tình nguyện 

  • out of one’s volition (phrase) = trên tinh thần tự nguyện 

  • trigger negative reactions (phrase) = gây ra những phản ứng tiêu cực 

  • volunteerism (n) = tinh thần tự nguyện 



All university students should do some voluntary work to help the local community + Personal opinion: Disagree

Body 1: The benefits of university students doing voluntary work to help the local community 

  • Doing voluntary work can help students develop a sense of responsibility and awareness about their community, which encourages them to continue helping others 

  • Participating in community service helps students learn important skills like teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving → enhanced personal growth and employability

Body 2: The drawbacks of university students doing voluntary work to help the local community + my personal opinion

  • Compulsory community service can add to the already high stress levels students face → more difficulties in balancing their study, work, and family life → burnout and stress

  • Voluntary work should be done willingly; otherwise, forcing students to participate can cause negative feelings and may not actually help the community


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