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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Scientific Research (Agree or Disagree Question)

Updated: Mar 15

Many people believe that scientific research should be carried out and controlled by governments rather than private companies.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Nowadays, it is often argued that the authorities should play the predominant role in conducting and managing scientific research rather than private enterprises. Personally, I totally agree with this belief and will provide my opinion in the essay below.

Firstly, the financial capacity of any private business can hardly equal that of governmental institutions. Consequently, if the enormous state funding is properly expended on costly scientific projects, a larger quantity of equipment and facilities can be provided for government researchers, which would considerably facilitate their scientific research.

Secondly, there is often an element of openness and transparency within governmental scientific projects. Specifically, these research pieces are usually funded by public resources and expected to be made publicly available for independent verification and replication of results . Therefore, the state research outcomes tend to be significantly accurate and objective.

Finally, not only do governments focus on the research outcomes but they also have to be highly aware of any potential risks and dangers caused to the environment or even the researchers’ health, such as the disposal of noxious chemical samples or use of toxic radioactive substances in laboratories. By contrast, for economic benefits, private companies tend to put substantial emphasis on the final results in the absence of numerous safety measures to protect the ecological and human factors.

To recapitulate briefly, I am totally in favor of the idea that scientific research should be put in the hands of governmental corporations instead of private ones for their better financial capacity, transparency and awareness of possible damage.



  • conduct (v) = tổ chức, tiến hành

  • equal (v) = sánh bằng

  • expend sth in / on sth (phrase) = tiêu rất nhiều (tiền, sức lực, thời gian, năng lượng,...) cho cái gì đó

  • facilitate (v) = tạo điều kiện thuận lợi, thúc đẩy

  • an element of openness and transparency (phrase) = yếu tố công khai và minh bạch

  • independent verification (phrase) = sự xác minh độc lập

  • replication of results (phrase) = việc nhân rộng kết quả

  • disposal of noxious chemical samples (phrase) = sự tiêu hủy các mẫu hóa chất độc hại

  • toxic radioactive substances (phrase) = các chất phóng xạ độc hại

  • put substantial emphasis on sth (phrase) = quá chú trọng vào điều gì

  • in the absence of sth (phrase) = without (preposition) = thiếu vắng mất

  • be put in the hands of sb / sth (phrase) = được giao phó cho ai đó / cái gì đó



Scientific research should be carried out and controlled by governments rather than private companies + personal opinion: Agree

Body 1: The better financial capacity of governments in carrying out research

  • Most state funding is larger than that of private businesses → more equipment and facilities for government researchers → better research progress

Body 2: The openness and transparency of governmental research which leads to precise results

  • Governmental research is expected to be transparent and publicly available for verification and replication of results → highly accurate and objective research outcomes

Body 3: The better awareness of the threats to the environment and humans from governments

  • Besides the research outcomes, governments also emphasize safety measures in scientific research – this is different from private companies which may prioritize economic benefits over safety measures


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