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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Relocation For Work (Advantages and Disadvantages Question)

Nowadays, more people move away from their friends and families for work. 

Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? (03/02/2024)


In an era of globalization and economic opportunities, a growing number of individuals are compelled to relocate  for employment, often distancing themselves from their social networks . While there are undeniable disadvantages to this relocation, I contend that these pale in comparison with  its benefits.

On the one hand, the challenge of uprooting oneself  for work involves adapting to new cultures and environments. Relocating to a different region or country can require significant adjustments, including getting accustomed to  different customs, languages, and lifestyles. This adaptation process can be demanding and may lead to feelings of disorientation  or cultural shock for some. Additionally, the lack of a support system in a new environment can exacerbate  feelings of isolation and loneliness, particularly for those used to  close-knit relationships . A large body of research has shown that prolonged  separation from loved ones could have detrimental effects on  employees' mental health, contributing to anxiety and depression.

On the other hand, I argue that the advantages to moving away for work in terms of career advancement and economic prosperity  are more significant. Specifically, when workers relocate to regions with thriving job markets or better pay scales , they can have the opportunity to enhance their professional skills and increase their earning potential. This could not only reinforce  their financial stability but also open doors to desirable job prospects in the future. Another benefit of relocating for work is the exposure to diverse cultures  that can help foster personal growth and adaptability. For example, an international assignment might expose an individual to different work environments and perspectives, enhancing their cultural competence  and global awareness .

In conclusion, while relocating for work presents certain challenges to one’s adaptability and emotional well-being, I firmly believe that its benefits in terms of career advancement, financial stability and personal growth are more significant.



  • relocate (v) = di dời (sang một vị trí, địa điểm khác)

  • distance oneself from sb / sth (phrasal verb) = tách bản thân khỏi ai đó / cái gì đó 

  • pale in comparison with sb / sth (phrase) = kém nổi bật hơn ai đó / cái gì đó 

  • uproot (oneself / sb) (v) = di chuyển (bản thân / ai đó) đến một nơi ở mới 

  • get accustomed to sth (phrase) = làm quen với cái gì đó 

  • disorientation (n) = sự mất định hướng 

  • exacerbate (v) = làm trầm trọng thêm

  • close-knit relationships (phrase) = những mối quan hệ khăng khít, gần gũi 

  • prolonged (adj) = kéo dài

  • have detrimental effects on sb / sth (phrase) = gây ảnh hưởng xấu đến ai đó / cái gì đó 

  • economic prosperity (phrase) = sự sung túc, giàu có

  • pay scale (phrase) = mức lương

  • reinforce (v) = củng cố, thúc đẩy 

  • exposure to diverse cultures (phrase) = sự tiếp xúc với những nền văn hóa đa dạng 

  • cultural competence (phrase) = khả năng làm việc hiệu quả trong các bối cảnh văn hóa khác nhau

  • global awareness (phrase) = sự nhận thức và hiểu biết về các vấn đề toàn cầu 



Personal opinion: The advantages to moving away from friends and families for work outweigh its disadvantages 

Body 1: The disadvantages to moving away from friends and families for work

  • Moving away for work involves getting used to different customs, languages, and lifestyles, which can be difficult and may make some people feel confused or shocked 

  • The lack of familiar support can make people feel alone, especially if they are used to having close relationships – studies have found that being away from loved ones for a long time can make workers feel anxious and sad

Body 2: The advantages to moving away from friends and families for work + my personal opinion 

  • When people move to regions with good job opportunities or higher salaries, they can improve their skills and earn more money → financial stability and better job prospects in the future

  • Moving away for work can expose people to different cultures and experiences → personal growth and better adaptability (e.g. working internationally can give employees exposure to diverse work environments → cultural and global awareness)


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