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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Online Shopping (Positive or Negative Development)

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

In some countries, online shopping is replacing shopping in stores.

Do you think it is a positive or negative development? (17/06/2023)


In recent years, technological advances in the sales sectors of several nations have paved the way for unprecedented online methods of shopping, which are believed to be rendering physical purchases obsolete . Regarding this, I believe that virtual shopping is a positive development for many of its noticeable benefits.

On the one hand, there are several rationales behind a common belief that online purchases will likely have adverse influences on consumer experience. Firstly, buyers cannot physically touch, try on, or examine any kind of product while shopping online. This lack of physical exposure may lead to uncertainty or even dissatisfaction among purchasers if the goods received do not match their posted descriptions or images. Secondly, the delivery process is sometimes subject to delay due to various factors such as high demand, weather conditions or logistic issues. As a result, some strict consumers might become frustrated and therefore avoid future purchases from the same stores, possibly diminishing their overall appeal and profit in the long run .

On the other hand, I strongly believe that the trend towards online shopping is positive for many significant advantages. Specifically, with numerous virtual stores and online payment methods at present, buyers can shop conveniently from the comfort of their homes and at any time of the day. This absence of geographical locations and time constraints could allow for greater flexibility in consumers’ buying behavior and potentially motivate them to buy more. In addition, virtual shopping can also offer a vast range of products from various retailers and brands. In other words, purchasers would have access to larger inventory and can compare prices, features and reviews of each option across different platforms, which enables them to make more informed purchasing decisions .

In conclusion, despite the lack of physical experience with the goods and potential delays during delivery processes, I still hold that online shopping is a positive innovation in current life thanks to the convenience and wide variety of products it can provide to consumers.



  • technological advances (phrase) = những tiến bộ trong công nghệ

  • pave the way for sth (idiom) = mở đường cho điều gì đó

  • unprecedented (adj) = chưa từng có tiền lệ

  • render physical purchases obsolete (phrase) = khiến cho hình thức mua sắm trực tiếp trở nên lỗi thời

  • have adverse influences on sb / sth (phrase) = gây ra những ảnh hưởng tiêu cực đến ai đó / cái gì đó

  • be subject to delay (phrase) = có thể bị trì hoãn

  • diminish (v) = (về kích thước, số lượng, tầm quan trọng,...) làm suy giảm

  • appeal (n) = sự thu hút, hấp dẫn

  • in the long run (idiom) = về lâu dài

  • geographical location (phrase) = vị trí địa lý

  • time constraint (phrase) = hạn chế về thời gian

  • inventory (n) = tổng số hàng hóa của một cửa hàng

  • make more informed purchasing decisions (phrase) = đưa ra những quyết định mua hàng sáng suốt hơn



Body 1: The reasons why some people believe that online shopping is negative

  • Online shoppers cannot physically touch, try on, or examine products → uncertainty and potential dissatisfaction if the received goods are not like what is described

  • Delivery delays due to high demand, weather conditions, or logistic issues can frustrate customers → they may avoid future purchases from the same stores, which affects their long-term appeal and profit

Body 2: The reasons why I believe that online shopping is positive

  • Online shopping allows buyers to shop conveniently without limits on location or time – this flexibility in buying behavior can encourage them to make more purchases

  • There are lots of products available from different online stores → consumers would have more options and can easily compare prices, features, and reviews of each → better informed purchasing decisions


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