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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Old Buildings (Two-part Question)

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Some people think that certain old buildings are more worth preserving than the other ones.

Which types of old buildings should be preserved? Do you think that the advantages of preserving these old buildings outweigh the disadvantages? (12/01/2023)


Nowadays, some certain old constructions are believed to merit more preservation efforts from the national authorities than others. In my opinion, there are several kinds of buildings that ought to be preserved and I argue that the drawbacks of such restoration pale in comparison with its benefits.

Historic landmarks and religious constructions are two noticeable types of buildings deserving of extensive preservation. As for the former, these structures usually hold significant historical value which helps remind the citizens of varied historical periods that a nation has undergone . One notable example can be the Independence Palace in Vietnam, which is testimony to the victories of Vietnamese against foreign invaders during the last century. Concerning the latter, several spiritual buildings represent sacred religious value , some of which even display sophisticated architectural features that can be learned and applied by future designers. To illustrate, the Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral has been widely restored several times thanks to the religious and aesthetic value it conveys.

Regarding the maintenance of old constructions, many would argue that it is prohibitively expensive and can also hinder the development of new buildings and modern infrastructure. Nevertheless, I still firmly believe that the benefits of preserving old buildings outweigh its drawbacks. Firstly, these constructions can vividly reflect a wide range of historical events as well as indigenous cultures of a country. Therefore, without these, the national identity and people’s pride in its historical uniqueness could largely be undermined . Secondly, the maintenance of old structures can also benefit the economic progress of a region. To be specific, preservation initiatives can create many job opportunities for employees in the restoration industries as well as attract global tourists to these historical sites, which collectively help boost a country’s economic growth.

In conclusion, there are several types of constructions that need to be carefully preserved, among which historic landmarks and religious buildings are two typical examples. Additionally, for various economic and historical benefits that the maintenance of old buildings can bring, I believe that the advantages of it are superior to the disadvantages.



  • merit (v) = xứng đáng với

  • pale in comparison with sb / sth (idiom) = kém nổi bật hơn so với ai / cái gì

  • hold significant historical value (phrase) = mang giá trị lịch sử to lớn

  • undergo (v) = trải qua

  • be (a) testimony to sth (phrase) = minh chứng cho điều gì đó

  • sacred religious value (phrase) = giá trị tôn giáo thiêng liêng

  • sophisticated architectural features (phrase) = các đường nét kiến trúc tinh tế

  • aesthetic value (phrase) = giá trị thẩm mỹ

  • hinder (v) = cản trở, gây trở ngại

  • vividly reflect (phrase) = khắc họa một cách sinh động

  • indigenous culture (phrase) = văn hóa bản địa

  • national identity (phrase) = bản sắc dân tộc

  • undermine (v) = hủy hoại, làm suy yếu

  • be superior to sth (phrase) = vượt trội hơn so với cái gì đó



Personal opinion: The advantages of preserving old buildings outweigh its disadvantages

Body 1: Some types of old buildings that need to be preserved include historic landmarks and religious constructions

  • Historic landmarks hold great historical value which helps remind the citizens of a nation’s past – for example, the Independence Palace in Vietnam serves as a reminder of the country's victories against foreign invaders

  • Religious constructions are spiritually important and some even demonstrate remarkable architecture – for instance, the Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral has been restored several times thanks to its significant religious and aesthetic value

Body 2: The benefits and drawbacks of preserving old buildings + My personal opinion

  • Although preserving old buildings may be expensive and hinder modern infrastructure development, it helps maintain a country's national identity by reflecting its unique history and culture

  • The preservation of old buildings can also create job opportunities in restoration industries and attract tourists to historical sites → national economic growth


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