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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Leisure Activities For Children (Discussion Question)

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Some say that parents should encourage their children to take part in organized group activities in their spare time. Others say that it is important for children to learn how to occupy themselves on their own.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


In modern society, many people maintain that parents ought to persuade their children to engage in group activities in their spare time while others assert that they should be allowed to freely enjoy their leisure pursuits . Concerning this, I would concur with the former opinion and will discuss both viewpoints in the following essay.

Granted , children can hugely benefit from keeping themselves occupied with their own leisure activities. Firstly, they will have total freedom in exploring and submerging themselves in their own interests or hobbies under no constraint from their parents, which can help bolster their confidence and promote their mental well-being . Secondly, independent engagement in desired activities could greatly promote some important problem-solving skills among children. To illustrate, young puzzle enthusiasts, who are interested in mathematical riddles and complex logic puzzles such as sudoku and Rubik’s cube, often demonstrate a highly creative mind and intellectual capacity .

Nevertheless, I believe that children should be spurred by their parents to partake in structured group activities for numerous benefits. One of them is that children will have an opportunity to accumulate numerous interpersonal skills while collaborating with their partners to successfully perform a collective task. Undoubtedly, this set of skills is highly valuable in social and work settings where efficient teamwork and rational communication are greatly appreciated. Furthermore, coordinated activities can also help children develop their mental and physical capacity. To illustrate, popular team sports, such as football and basketball, mainly aim to shape young children into resilient and determined individuals through regular training and competition.

In conclusion, although some might argue that it is essential for children to experience various leisure activities by themselves, it is my firm belief that they ought to receive encouragement from parents to join organized group activities for the accumulation of soft skills and improvements in mental and physical health.



  • leisure pursuit (n): hoạt động thư giãn, giải trí

  • concur with sb/sth (v): đồng ý với ai / cái gì

  • granted (adv): quả thật, thật vậy

  • keep sb / oneself occupied (phrase): khiến ai / bản thân ai bận bịu

  • submerge oneself in sth (phrasal verb): đắm chìm bản thân vào cái gì (nghĩa bóng)

  • constraint (n): sự thúc ép, áp lực

  • bolster one’s confidence (phrase): thúc đẩy sự tự tin của ai đó

  • promote one’s mental well-being (phrase): nuôi dưỡng đời sống tinh thần của ai đó

  • intellectual capacity (n): trí lực

  • spur (v) = encourage (v): khuyến khích, động viên

  • partake in sth (phrase): tham gia cái gì

  • accumulate numerous interpersonal skills (phrase): tích lũy nhiều kỹ năng đối nhân xử thế

  • social and work settings (n): bối cảnh xã hội và công việc

  • resilient (adj): bền bỉ, kiên cường



Body 1: The benefits of children occupying themselves on their own

  • Children are free to explore and enjoy their favorite activities with no pressure from their parents → children’s confidence can be bolstered and their mental well-being can be promoted

  • Children’s problem-solving skills can be improved through their independent participation in leisure pursuits – for example, young puzzle enthusiasts often show a creative and brilliant mind

Body 2: The benefits of parents encouraging their children to join group activities + personal opinion: Agree

  • By working with their partners in doing a task, children can learn many interpersonal skills which are valuable for their later work and social communication

  • Some group activities can enhance the physical and mental development of children – for example, popular team sports like football and basketball can help children become more resilient and determined


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