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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Indulging Children (Two-part Question)

Updated: Apr 19

Some parents buy their children whatever they ask for, and allow their children to do whatever they want. 

Is this a good way to raise children? What consequences could this style of parenting have for children as they get older? (29/02/2024)


Parenting styles play a crucial role in shaping children's development and behavior, with permissive parenting  being one approach that has attracted both attention and criticism. In my opinion, this parenting style would have negative implications for  children, impacting not only their immediate behavior but also their long-term development and ability to thrive  as adults.

One of the most notable consequences of indulgent parenting  is the cultivation of a sense of entitlement  in offspring . When a child, for instance, consistently receives expensive toys or gadgets without any requirement to earn them through good behavior or academic achievements, they may develop the expectation that they are entitled to  material possessions without effort. This entitlement mindset can extend to other areas of life, such as expecting special treatment from teachers, demanding privileges  from peers, or feeling entitled to preferential treatment  in social settings, all of which can hinder the development of healthy relationships based on mutual respect and consideration.

Furthermore, indulgent parenting often leads to a lack of self-discipline and self-regulation in offspring. If parents fail to enforce appropriate rules or punishments for misbehavior, children may struggle to understand the importance of self-control and delayed gratification . This lack of discipline can manifest itself in  various ways, such as making impulsive decisions  without considering the consequences, having difficulty managing emotions during challenging situations, or exhibiting poor time management skills due to a lack of accountability . All of these setbacks , in turn, can significantly impact academic performance, career advancement, and the ability to maintain healthy personal relationships for children.

In conclusion, by fostering a sense of entitlement and undermining  the development of crucial life skills such as self-discipline and responsibility, I contend that this permissive parenting style would detrimentally hinder children’s ability to thrive independently and cope with the challenges of adulthood successfully.



  • permissive / indulgent parenting (phrase) = (về phong cách nuôi dạy con cái) nuông chiều, dễ dãi 

  • have negative implications for sb / sth (phrase) = mang lại tác động tiêu cực cho ai đó / cái gì đó

  • thrive (v) = phát triển 

  • a sense of entitlement (phrase) = cảm giác xứng đáng được hưởng đặc quyền (một cách vô lý hoặc bất công)

  • offspring (n) = con cái 

  • be entitled to sth (phrase) = được quyền sở hữu cái gì đó 

  • privilege (n) = đặc quyền

  • preferential treatment (phrase) = sự thiên vị 

  • enforce appropriate rules or punishments (phrase) = áp đặt các quy tắc hoặc hình phạt thích đáng 

  • delayed gratification (phrase) = sự trì hoãn ham muốn tức thời (để đạt được lợi ích lớn hơn trong tương lai)

  • manifest itself in sth (phrase) = biểu hiện qua điều gì đó 

  • impulsive decision (phrase) = quyết định bốc đồng 

  • accountability (n) = tinh thần trách nhiệm 

  • setback (n) = trở ngại, khó khăn 

  • undermine (v) = làm suy yếu 



Personal opinion: Permissive parenting is not a good way to raise children and can have negative impacts on their development

Body 1: The consequences of permissive parenting in terms of children’s entitlement

  • Permissive parenting can lead to children feeling like they deserve special treatment without having to work for it (e.g. preferential treatment from teachers or privileges from peers)

  • This mindset can prevent them from building healthy relationships based on mutual respect and understanding 

Body 2: The consequences of permissive parenting in terms of children’s self-discipline and self-regulation

  • Permissive parenting can also cause children to lack self-discipline and control over their actions (e.g. acting impulsively without thinking, having trouble handling emotions, or not managing time effectively)

  • These difficulties can negatively affect their academic performance, their job prospects, and their ability to have healthy personal relationships


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