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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Declining Bicycle Use (Causes and Solutions)

Updated: Jun 14

Nowadays people use bicycles less as a form of transport.

Why is this the case? What can we do to encourage people to use bicycles more? (04/05/2024)


In recent years, the use of bicycles as a means of transport has declined significantly. This trend mainly stems from  the rise of motorized vehicles and urban planning that prioritizes cars over bicycles. Nevertheless, some effective strategies can be implemented by metropolises  to encourage more people to cycle regularly.

One noticeable reason for the decrease in bicycle use is the superior  convenience and speed of motor vehicles. Clearly, cars and motorcycles can offer drivers a quicker and more comfortable mode of transport, especially for longer distances and in inclement weather . Additionally, many cities lack adequate cycling infrastructure, making biking less safe and less appealing to residents. For example, in crowded urban areas like Ho Chi Minh City, where bike lanes are scarce  or poorly maintained, cyclists often struggle to navigate through heavy traffic during rush hours, which can be both dangerous and discouraging. 

To address these issues and significantly enhance the appeal of bicycles, cities can invest in better cycling infrastructure, including the construction of dedicated bike lanes  that are separated from car traffic. A major city that has tremendously benefited from this method is Copenhagen, where extensive bike lanes and bike-friendly policies have successfully promoted cycling among residents. Another effective measure is the implementation of bike-sharing programs, which have largely succeeded in cities like Paris and New York. These programs seek to  make bicycles readily available and affordable, encouraging more people to use them for short trips and daily commutes.

In conclusion, the declining trend towards bicycle use can be attributed to  the convenience of motor vehicles and inadequate infrastructure. However, by improving the existing cycling facilities and introducing bike-sharing initiatives, cities can make cycling a more attractive and practical option for daily transportation.



  • stem from sth (phrasal verb) = bắt nguồn từ điều gì đó 

  • motorized vehicles (phrase) = phương tiện cơ giới 

  • metropolis (n) = đô thị 

  • superior (adj) = tốt hơn, vượt trội hơn 

  • inclement weather (phrase) = điều kiện thời tiết khắc nghiệt 

  • scarce (adj) = khan hiếm 

  • dedicated bike lanes (phrase) = làn đường dành riêng cho xe đạp 

  • seek to do sth (phrase) = nhằm mục đích gì đó 

  • be attributed to sth (phrase) = được quy cho một yếu tố hoặc lý do nào đó 



Body 1: The reasons for the decrease in bicycle use 

  • Cars and motorcycles are more convenient and faster than bicycles, especially for long trips and bad weather

  • Many cities lack good cycling infrastructure, making cycling unsafe and less attractive (e.g. Ho Chi Minh City)

Body 2: The solutions to the decrease in bicycle use 

  • Cities can invest in better cycling infrastructure, including bike lanes that are separated from car traffic (e.g. Copenhagen)

  • They can also introduce bike-sharing programs to make bikes more accessible and affordable (e.g. Paris and New York)


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