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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Celebrities vs. Politicians (Two-part Question)

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Nowadays celebrities earn more money than politicians.

What are the reasons for this? Is it a positive or negative development? (16/09/2023)


In modern society, it is easily observable that the income gap between famous public figures and government officials is widening, as the former is enjoying significantly more economic benefits. This essay is an attempt to shed light on the causes of this phenomenon and to argue that it is an adverse development.

There are several rationales behind this income disparity . Firstly, thanks to the substantial growth of the entertainment industry and its global appeal, famous stars can earn a huge profit from their presence or stage performances. To illustrate, celebrated singers are likely to benefit greatly from large music shows, which usually generate enormous revenue from various sources such as ticket prices or sponsorships. Another reason for celebrities’ higher earnings is that they often capitalize on their personal brand value to endorse a wide range of products and services, resulting in lucrative deals and contracts . This is opposed to most politicians who are subject to certain ethical and legal constraints that forbid them to profit excessively from their positions.

Considering the impacts of celebrities’ superior earnings to those of political figures, I argue that this trend would have detrimental consequences to society. The first justification for my belief is that it could form a false perception of the importance of national governance and policy-making among citizens. This improper thinking may further lead them to underestimate the role of governors or even disregard their directives and regulations. Additionally, low political salaries compared to celebrity earnings might discourage talented individuals from entering politics and professionals from retaining their occupation. As a result, a shortage of qualified national leaders may occur, potentially undermining the governmental as well as legislative systems.

In conclusion, the unequal income distribution in question can be attributed to the development of the entertainment industry and celebrities’ mass coverage. Regarding this phenomenon, I believe that it is negative due to the harmful effects on public perception of politics and the search for a politically capable workforce.



  • shed light on sth (idiom) = làm sáng tỏ điều gì đó

  • income disparity (phrase) = chênh lệch về thu nhập

  • substantial (adj) = đáng kể

  • celebrated (adj) = nổi tiếng

  • capitalize on sth (phrasal verb) = tận dụng điều gì đó

  • endorse (v) = quảng bá

  • lucrative deals and contracts (phrase) = những giao dịch và hợp đồng béo bở

  • be subject to sth (phrase) = bị ảnh hưởng bởi điều gì đó

  • ethical and legal constraints (phrase) = những ràng buộc về mặt đạo đức và pháp lý

  • forbid sb to do sth (phrase) = ngăn cấm ai đó làm việc gì đó

  • detrimental consequences (phrase) = những hậu quả nặng nề

  • form a false perception of sth (phrase) = hình thành nhận thức sai lệch về điều gì đó

  • underestimate (v) = đánh giá thấp

  • disregard (v) = coi thường

  • undermine (v) = làm suy yếu

  • in question (idiom) = đang được đề cập



Personal opinion: Celebrities earning more money than politicians is a negative development

Body 1: The reasons for celebrities’ higher earnings than those of politicians

  • The entertainment industry has been growing fast → famous stars can make a lot of money from their shows and concerts

  • Thanks to their personal brand, celebrities can make money by promoting products – in contrast, politicians have rules that limit how much money they can earn from their positions

Body 2: The negative effects of this trend + my personal opinion

  • An income gap between celebrities and politicians might make people think that politics is not important → they may underestimate or ignore their leaders

  • Low salaries could discourage talented people from entering politics or keeping their job → a shortage of good leaders and a weakened government


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