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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Celebrations (Problem and Solution Question)

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Some celebrations have lost their original meaning and these occasions have become too much about spending money.

What problems can this cause? What could be done to change the situation?

In recent years, the issue of celebrations having shifted from their primary purposes has received a great deal of attention from the public. Some say that those events now mainly serve the purpose of flaunting their wealth , which may cause various consequences in the future. This essay will point out the downsides and recommend some viable solutions to this phenomenon.

One of the most serious outcomes of wasting money on these events is that younger generations may have a misunderstanding about the true meaning of them. This means that they might eventually neglect the whole traditions and customs behind each celebration, which proves to be a great loss to a country’s culture. Furthermore, instead of squandering a large amount of money on celebrations, a family can make efficient use of their savings on more important matters. For example, these sums could be better invested on their children’s education or insurance for the entire family.

To tackle this problem, one ought to be properly educated about the meaning of the important events, especially the major ones. This should be done through recounts of significant traditions or parents’ encouragement to their offspring to participate in cultural festivals or celebrations. Moreover, governments should also join hands to set the budget limit on celebrating a cultural event. Also, they can organize campaigns to raise public awareness of the true meanings behind each celebration.

To recapitulate briefly, various issues can be caused due to the misunderstanding about the reasons why some cultural events exist. Therefore, it should be a shared responsibility between families and governments to make young people aware of the original meanings of these celebrations and inspire the future generations to embrace them.



  • shift from sth (to sth) (phrase): chuyển từ cái gì đó (sang cái gì đó khác)

  • serve the purpose of sth (phrase): phục vụ mục đích gì đó

  • flaunt sb’s wealth (phrase): phô trương sự giàu có của ai đó

  • neglect (v): thờ ơ, không quan tâm

  • squander (v): tiêu xài hoang phí

  • recount (n): sự thuật lại một câu chuyện, trải nghiệm

  • join hands (idiom): chung tay

  • a shared responsibility (phrase): trách nhiệm chung

  • inspire (v): khơi gợi cảm hứng

  • embrace (v): trân trọng


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