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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 3 - Toys

1. Do you think boys and girls like the same toys?

Not necessarily, actually. I mean while some toys are traditionally associated with one gender or another, for example vehicles or building blocks for boys and dolls for girls, I believe that individual preferences would vary greatly. What really matters is that children should be encouraged to explore and play with toys they find enjoyable and stimulating, regardless of social expectations.

2. Have the toys for children changed over the last few decades?

Yes, it’s quite obvious that toys for kids have changed a lot over the past few decades. With technological advancements and changes in cultural norms , children now have access to a wider range of toys than ever before. In the past, simpler toys like building blocks and dolls were very common, but now electronic toys, interactive gadgets, and virtual reality experiences have become popular worldwide.

3. Do you think games and toys are educational for children?

Well, I think that certain games and toys are highly educational for children. For instance, building blocks can promote spatial awareness among kids, while puzzles can foster their logical thinking and problem-solving skills. However, in order to maximize the educational benefits of these toys, parents should also encourage a variety of outdoor activities such as sports or socializing with peers for their children to help them develop other important social skills.



  • be associated with sth (phrase) = liên kết mật thiết với cái gì

  • individual preference (phrase) = sở thích cá nhân

  • regardless of sth (idiom) = bất kể điều gì

  • technological advancements (phrase) = những tiến bộ trong công nghệ

  • cultural norms (phrase) = những chuẩn mực văn hóa

  • virtual reality (n) = thực tế ảo

  • spatial awareness (phrase) = nhận thức về không gian

  • promote / foster (v) = thúc đẩy, tăng cường

  • socialize with sb (phrase) = giao lưu với ai đó


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