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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 3 - Photography

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

1. Why do people take photos?

There are several reasons why people love taking pictures. Most obviously, many do this because they want to capture beautiful and memorable moments throughout their life so that when they grow old, they can look at these photos to reminisce about the good old days and appreciate everything they’ve gone through. Apart from that, lots of photography enthusiasts also take photos purely for pleasure and fun.

2. Why is photography important in today’s society?

Well, I think the importance of photography in our life nowadays can be attributed to the fact that it helps to connect us with the world. To be more exact, we may not be able to master any other language apart from our mother tongue , but we can always deeply understand or even be touched by the vibe of a photograph. For example, just by looking at some breathtaking nature pictures, one can fully appreciate the beauty of nature and realize why we have to retain it for the future generations.

3. Should people share their photographs online?

I’d say it depends on certain circumstances. Specifically, if you upload photos onto social media to celebrate your own achievement or to share your cherished moments with your loved ones , then I think it would be completely normal. However, according to some online articles I have read, posting pictures of your kids onto the Internet can really put them in jeopardy from virtual kidnappers .



  • capture (v): bắt trọn

  • reminisce about sth (phrase): hồi tưởng về cái gì

  • the good old days (idiom): những ngày xưa cũ

  • photography enthusiast (n): tín đồ nhiếp ảnh

  • purely (adv): đơn thuần

  • attribute A to B (phrase): cho rằng A là kết quả của B

  • mother tongue (n): ngôn ngữ mẹ đẻ

  • vibe (n): cảm giác có được

  • breathtaking (adj): hùng vĩ

  • retain (v): gìn giữ

  • cherished moments (n): những khoảnh khắc đáng trân quý

  • loved ones (n): những người bạn yêu thương

  • in jeopardy (phrase): gặp nguy hiểm

  • virtual kidnapper (n): kẻ bắt cóc trên mạng


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