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IELTS Speaking Sample Part 1 - Topic: Numbers

Updated: Oct 17, 2023


1. Do you often use numbers?

Sometimes, when I have to work out the total scores for my students’ tests or papers or when I do the shopping at the malls and need to consider the prices of some items before making any purchase.

2. Is there any special number you like?

Number 7, as I always believe it’s a lucky number for me and I guess many other people might agree on that. I just can’t explain why this number has always been so special to me, but I always have a hunch that it can bring good fortune to me.

3. Are you good at remembering numbers?

Well, it surely depends. Usually I find it a lot easier to bear in mind some important numbers like birthdays or cell phone numbers of my nearest and dearest. Besides, the PIN numbers or passcodes of my online and bank accounts are also worth remembering.

4. What can you do to remember numbers?

Of course, like many people, I tend to repeat a series of new numbers over and over again until I can recall them in case I don’t have anything to write them down. I also tried splitting the longer numbers into smaller groups and associating each with something familiar to me and sometimes it did work.



  • work out the total scores: tính điểm tổng

  • make any purchase: mua đồ

  • have a hunch (that …): có cảm giác, có linh cảm rằng

  • bring good fortune: mang lại vận may

  • bear (sth) in mind: khắc ghi, ghi nhớ điều gì đó

  • one’s nearest and dearest: gia đình và bạn thân

  • be worth remembering: đáng để ghi nhớ

  • repeat sth over and over again: lặp đi lặp lại cái gì nhiều lần

  • split the longer numbers into smaller groups: chia nhỏ những dãy số dài ra

  • associate each with something familiar: liên tưởng mỗi cái với điều gì đó quen thuộc

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