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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Success Factors (Discussion Question)

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Many people believe that good planning is the key factor to success in life, while others believe that other factors like hard work or luck are important.

Discuss both views and give your opinion. (11/08/2022)


Nowadays, some individuals maintain that well-organized plans are the main contributor to one’s success in life, whereas many believe that other elements such as industriousness or fortune are of paramount importance . Personally, I think that both views carry weight and will offer my opinion in the following essay.

On the one hand, proponents of meticulous planning argue that this trait confers many benefits on individuals . Firstly, these plans enable people to determine their future goals with numerous steps in attaining them. Consequently, planners can focus on each set step and consistently work towards personal targets without too many unforeseen setbacks during the process. Secondly, in terms of mentality, an elaborate plan may provide a huge incentive for people on their path to success. This is because reaching a remarkable milestone in their plan can give people a great sense of achievement, thus motivating them to make further strides in pursuit of their final goals.

On the other hand, those who believe that other significant elements are preferable in pursuing success also have some arguments to advance. They assert that even with a carefully structured plan, a person will not likely succeed without great efforts. For instance, some students, despite having a clear study strategy, still fail their exams because they do not put in the required hard work to actually learn and fully comprehend the material. Apart from hard work, luck is also considered an indispensable factor by these people. To illustrate, several renowned American actors and actresses used to admit that without the initial relationships with their relatives in the film industry, which they considered a sign of luck, they might not have enjoyed a favorably successful career later.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that good planning and other elements such as diligence and fortune are equally important for a person’s success, therefore one should be equipped with all these essential traits.



  • be of paramount importance (phrase) = vô cùng quan trọng

  • carry weight (idiom) = (về quan điểm, lời nói,...) có trọng lượng

  • meticulous (adj) = cẩn thận, kỹ lưỡng

  • confer sth on sb (phrase) = ban tặng điều gì cho ai đó

  • attain (v) = đạt được

  • unforeseen setbacks (phrase) = những trở ngại khôn lường

  • elaborate (adj) = chỉn chu, tỉ mỉ

  • reach a remarkable milestone (phrase) = đạt được một cột mốc đáng chú ý

  • make further strides (phrase) = đạt được những bước tiến xa hơn

  • put in hard work (phrase) = cố gắng, nỗ lực

  • comprehend (v) = hiểu sâu sắc

  • indispensable (adj) = cần thiết, không thể thiếu

  • diligence (n) = sự siêng năng, cần cù



Personal opinion: Good planning and other factors such as hard work or luck are equally important

Body 1:

The importance of good planning

  • A careful plan helps people set clear goals for the future and break them down into smaller steps → they can focus on each step to avoid unexpected problems and achieve their goals

  • Detailed planning can motivate people by giving them a sense of achievement when they reach new milestones, inspiring them to make further progress

Body 2:

The importance of other factors such as hard work or luck

  • Even with a good plan, success requires significant effort – for example, some students fail their exams despite having a clear study strategy because they do not work hard enough to learn and understand the material

  • Besides hard work, luck is also considered important for success – for instance, some successful actors and actresses attribute their favorable careers to initial relationships in the film industry, which they see as luck


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