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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Sporting Events (Discussion Question)

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Some people think that it is a waste of money for countries to host big sporting events like the World Cup, and that the money would be better spent on other things. However, others think that hosting large sporting events has a clear, positive impact on a country.

Discuss both these views and give your opinion.


Today’s global sports events seem to increasingly capture the attention of countries that aspire to take charge of them. Concerning this trend, while some individuals maintain it would positively contribute to the development of a country, others assert that the investments in these events would be squandered eventually. Personally, I agree with the former viewpoint and will address both opinions in the following essay.

On the one hand, there are several rationales behind the belief that investing in major sporting events is wasteful. Firstly, the enormous financial resources demanded in constructing sports, accommodation and transportation facilities to serve the needs of athletes and visitors will likely be exchanged for very few economic gains. In fact, it has taken decades for several cities like Montreal or Los Angeles to pay off all the debts incurred in preparing and organizing the Olympics in the past. Secondly, some infrastructures are prone to abandonment after the end of a sports tournament or event. To illustrate, most of the stadiums erected in Brazil during the 2014 FIFA World Cup have fallen into disuse because they were particularly tailored for the tournament matches only.

On the other hand, I strongly believe that hosting international sports events could create positive impacts on a country. This is because as a host, a nation can appeal to a great number of visitors who desire to thoroughly and directly enjoy the sensational atmosphere of world-class matches. This, in turn, can substantially boost the sales of accommodation and transportation services, contributing to the growth of the national tourism sector. Furthermore, renowned sporting events often showcase elite athletes with inspiring skills and sportsmanship, which can potentially promote more engagement in physical activities among the masses. This motivation is undoubtedly valuable, considering the sedentary lifestyle that is led by many people these days due to the huge workloads or excessive immersion in online social media.

To recapitulate briefly, despite the statement that the organization of major sporting events would have numerous bad effects, it is my firm conviction that it would confer significant benefits as mentioned above for the host country.



  • capture one’s attention (phrase): thu hút sự chú ý

  • aspire to (do) sth (v): khao khát, mong mỏi

  • squander (v): lãng phí (tiền, tài sản, cơ hội,...)

  • rationale (n): lý do

  • incur (v): gánh chịu

  • prone to (do) sth (adj): có thiên hướng nghiêng về/làm việc gì

  • erect (v): xây dựng

  • tailor (v): điều chỉnh theo nhu cầu, mục đích cụ thể

  • sensational (adj): gây ra cảm xúc mãnh liệt

  • renowned (adj): nổi tiếng

  • sedentary (adj): thụ động

  • excessive immersion (n): sự đắm chìm quá mức



Body 1: The reasons why hosting major sporting events is wasteful

  • Huge financial resources are required to construct necessary facilities in exchange for only few economic gains – for instance, some big cities like Montreal or Los Angeles spent huge amounts of time paying off all the debts in hosting the Olympics

  • Some infrastructures are abandoned as they are particularly made for big sports events – for example, some stadiums in Brazil have been left unused since the end of the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Body 2: The reasons why hosting major sporting events has a positive impact + personal opinion: Agree

  • A host country can attract a wide range of visitors → the sale of accommodation and transport services can be significantly boosted → the growth of the tourism sector

  • International sporting events often showcase world-class athletes with great professional skills and sportsmanship → encourage more physical activities among people, especially when a sedentary lifestyle is being extensively led


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