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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Print Media (Agree or Disagree Question)

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Some people say we do not need printed newspapers anymore.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?


The advent of the Internet and online social media is widely believed to have rendered print media obsolete and unnecessary for modern society. Personally, I completely agree with this statement for the reasons mentioned below.

Firstly, contemporary printed newspapers tend to be largely ignored because of their shortcomings in terms of accessibility. As today’s citizens have been extensively exposed to modern technology and frequently use their smart electronic devices to access social media, virtual news seems to be much more preferable to them. This kind of information absorption is undoubtedly more convenient and accessible than traveling to a physical bookstore or newsstand and directly purchasing newspapers there.

Secondly, online media are absolutely superior to their print counterpart in terms of information updates. Specifically, while it normally takes several days for the latest news to appear on traditional newspapers because of the editing and publishing processes involved, virtual newspapers are capable of displaying regularly updated current affairs owing to their sophisticated technological features. Consequently, online readers can absorb up-to-the-minute information and knowledge on current news with significantly more ease.

Lastly, the impact of online newspapers on the environment appears to be much more positive than printed ones. This is because the mass production of conventional newspapers often demands the annual felling of a tremendous number of trees, potentially leading to serious natural catastrophes such as floods or droughts. By contrast, virtual newspapers hardly require any ecological element, which can largely contribute to the conservation of the environment and natural resources.

In conclusion, it is my firm conviction that online media will totally replace their print counterpart in the near future for its superior advantages such as easy accessibility, quick updates on latest news and contribution to the environmental protection.



  • advent (n) = sự xuất hiện

  • render + sb / sth + adj (phrase) = khiến ai đó / cái gì rơi vào một tình trạng cụ thể

  • print media (n) = truyền thông in ấn

  • obsolete (adj) = lỗi thời

  • shortcomings (n) = nhược điểm

  • virtual (adj) = ảo (được tạo ra bởi máy tính và công nghệ)

  • counterpart (n) = bản đối chiếu

  • current affairs (n) = thời sự

  • up-to-the-minute (adj) = được cập nhật liên tục (tin tức)

  • felling (n) = sự chặt cây

  • natural catastrophe (n) = thảm họa thiên nhiên

  • ecological (adj) = thuộc về sinh thái



Printed newspapers are believed to be no longer necessary + personal opinion: Agree

Body 1: Online newspapers’ advantage over printed ones in terms of accessibility

  • Many people prefer to use smart electronic devices nowadays → online newspapers are more accessible

Body 2: Online newspapers’ advantage over printed ones in terms of information updates

  • Online newspapers can provide more timely updates due to their advanced technology → readers can absorb news more easily

Body 3: Online newspapers’ advantage over printed ones in terms of environmental conservation

  • Online newspapers do not require the mass consumption of natural resources → they are more environmentally friendly


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