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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Money (Two-part Question)

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

In many countries people increasingly talk about money (how much they earn or how much they pay for things in their daily conversations).

Why does it happen? Is this a positive or negative trend? (17/12/2022)


In modern society, there is a globally popular trend towards discussing financial aspects of life among people. This essay is an attempt to shed light on why this phenomenon occurs and to also argue that it is an adverse development.

There are several rationales behind the rise in conversations about money. Firstly, in the face of some pressing issues such as economic instability or high unemployment rates, low-income laborers often confide their earnings and expenses to their friends or financial consultants to seek reasonable financial management plans. Secondly, the growth of social media is another factor that has motivated people to increasingly share their financial situations with others. To be specific, the widespread emergence of online financial consultation websites or forums has enabled many users to discuss financial matters in depth and receive helpful advice from experts, especially after the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although more individuals are conversing on money these days, I believe that such actions will likely do harm to their mentality as well as personal security. With regard to the former, if excessively exposed to stories of huge economic wealth and successes, low-paid workers may become preoccupied with acquiring more material possessions and neglect other recreational aspects of life. This, in turn, could lead to severe stress and anxiety for them. Concerning the latter, as Internet users share their financial details online, they may run the risk of identity theft or financial fraud. To illustrate, in 2016, an American man was reported to have lost thousands of dollars in his stolen bank account after uploading a photograph of his bank check as part of a social campaign.

In conclusion, the growing popularity of conversations on money can be attributed to the financial difficulties of employees who are in search of financial advice and the rise of social media platforms. In terms of impact, I believe that this trend would have negative implications on the public’s mental well-being and information security.



  • shed light on sth (idiom): làm sáng tỏ điều gì

  • rationale (n): lý do

  • in the face of sth (idiom): khi phải đối mặt với điều gì đó

  • laborer (n): người lao động chân tay

  • confide sth to sb (phrase): tâm sự với ai về một điều gì đó

  • in depth (phrase): một cách chuyên sâu

  • economic downturn (phrase): suy thoái kinh tế

  • converse on sth (phrase): thảo luận về một chủ đề nào đó

  • do harm to (phrase): gây tổn hại

  • be preoccupied with sth (phrase): bận tâm về điều gì đó

  • acquire more material possessions (phrase): sở hữu nhiều của cải vật chất hơn

  • neglect (v): bỏ bê, không chú ý đến

  • run the risk of sth (idiom): đối diện nguy cơ nào đó

  • implication (n): hệ quả



Personal opinion: The trend towards increasing conversations about money is a negative one

Body 1:

The reasons why people increasingly talk about money

  • Some low-income laborers suffer from economic instability and unemployment → they often discuss their income and expenses with friends or financial advisors to seek good financial management plans

  • The growth of social media has led to many online financial consultation websites or forums → people have been motivated to talk more about financial matters on these platforms

Body 2:

The reasons why an increase in conversations about money is negative

  • Too much exposure to economic success stories can make low-paid workers become obsessed with earning more money and forget recreational aspects of life → potential risks of stress and anxiety

  • Sharing financial information online can lead to identity theft or financial fraud – for example, in 2016, an American man lost a huge amount of money after posting a photograph of his bank check online


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