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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Handwriting (Two-part Question)

Fewer and fewer people today write by hand using a pen, pencil or brush. 

What are the reasons? Is this a positive or a negative development? (18/11/2023)


Nowadays, it is easily observable that the popularity of handwriting is on a dramatic decrease. This essay aims to shed light on  the causes of this phenomenon and to argue that it represents an unfavorable development in modern society.

There are several rationales behind the reduction in handwritten text. Firstly, the proliferation of digital devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones has transformed the communication habits of the masses , prioritizing typing for its enhanced efficiency. To illustrate, a typist can produce text significantly faster using both hands or benefit from a range of writing assistant tools like autocorrection. Secondly, as the younger generation often has access to electronic devices from an early age and later becomes accustomed to  using these, they seem to prefer typing over the traditional handwriting in both academic and professional settings

Considering the potential consequences of the decline in handwriting, I contend that it is an adverse development. One primary reason for my argument is the scientific correlation  between the physical act of writing and human cognitive processes, including memory retention and idea generation . Consequently, a decline in handwriting may lead to diminished cognitive abilities  among irregular writers. Another drawback of this declining trend could be its impact on an individual’s overall writing skills. For instance, many university students now rely excessively on technological platforms  to generate written assignments or essays, which may undermine  their ability to employ appropriate vocabulary or grammatical structures in their own writing.

In conclusion, the increased prevalence  of digital devices has directed more individuals, especially youth, towards typing instead of writing by hand. However, I firmly believe that the potential harm to one’s cognitive functions and comprehensive writing ability makes it a negative trend in current life.



  • shed light on sth (idiom) = làm sáng tỏ điều gì đó 

  • proliferation (n)  = sự bùng nổ

  • the masses (phrase) = công chúng 

  • become accustomed to sth / doing sth (phrase) = quen dần với việc gì đó 

  • in both academic and professional settings (phrase) = ở cả môi trường học thuật và làm việc 

  • memory retention and idea generation (phrase) = sự duy trì trí nhớ và lên ý tưởng 

  • diminished cognitive abilities (phrase) = khả năng nhận thức giảm sút 

  • rely excessively on technological platforms (phrase) = phụ thuộc quá mức vào các nền tảng công nghệ 

  • undermine (v) = làm suy yếu 

  • employ (v) = vận dụng

  • prevalence (n) = sự phổ biến 



Personal opinion: The recent decline in handwriting is a negative development 

Body 1: The reasons for the recent decline in handwriting 

  • The widespread use of digital devices like computers and smartphones has made typing more popular due to its efficiency (e.g. typists can produce text faster with the help of tools like autocorrection)

  • Younger generations, due to growing up with electronic devices, tend to favor typing over handwriting in school and work settings

Body 2: The reasons why the recent decline in handwriting is a negative development

  • Handwriting is linked to how human brains work, affecting memory and idea generation → if people write less by hand, it might harm their cognitive abilities

  • Depending too much on technology for writing, as seen in many students, may weaken their skills in using proper words and grammar in their own writing


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